“The Comfort of the Game”

As I walk into my brother’s garage the Brewers game is on the TV, my daughter is talking with her Aunt and cousins, my brother and niece’s boyfriend comment on the game, my mom hugs me tight, my dad does the same and says the Brewers are looking good, surprisingly good, he thinks they will […]

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Every journey…

The last day or of 2014 is upon us!  This year went by way to fast, it feels like yesterday that I was packing up my apartment and getting ready for a trip of a lifetime.  The gratitude I feel right now is immense, there is a hint of sadness also.   Sadness since  it […]

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“And the party continues!”

I will be heading to Kansas City on Monday, planning on going to one of the World Series games either Tuesday or Wednesday, maybe both.   My buddy from Orlando/Missoula (we are both Dodgers fans) has been in constant contact with me during the playoffs, we both have jumped on the Royals bandwagon for the postseason (shut up […]

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“We need to talk…”

It has been over 10 days since the MLB regular season ended, the playoffs have been exciting, I did like the Wild Card games (even though the Pittsburgh Pirates shit the bed), the divisional series were fun.  We have four teams left, in the National League we have familiar names with recent champions in the Giants (2010, […]

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