“The Baseball Sentinel mission is to watch over and guard the fan experience of baseball, by bringing to life the sights and sounds of the game and tapping into the kid like nostalgia many feel about it.”

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“Accessibly Human” – Baseball’s Norman Rockwell

Graig Kreindler’s goal is clear “to portray the national pastime in an era when players were accessibly human, and the atmosphere of a welcoming ballpark was just as important as what happened on the field.”  I read that line on the landing page of Graig’s website after a color picture of Christy Mathewson showed up…

First Impressions – Baseball Hospitality 101

I love to write about first impressions, how a place or a person invites me to feel, it is how I write about baseball.  I observe and experience things with a critical eye.  This first impression is important since, consciously or subconsciously, this is how the majority of people judge; be it another person, a…

Frustration and Disappointment in Joliet

Baseball Is Happiness! Not on this night… The frustration and disappointment I felt with the Joliet Slammers was intense, I wanted to find the ownership to let them know; I wasn’t upset with the baseball team, they played well but lost 2-1 to the Washington Wild Things.  It was the fan experience that was terrible,…

Soak It All In – Kingfish Press Box

I opened the door to the press box that sat on top of the stands, the hot and humid room smelled of body order, there were nine mid 20 somethings that looked over.  No one asked me who I was or what I was doing.  I took possession of the chair by the door, it…

American Family Field

It was a beautiful night in Milwaukee for a game, I was able to use my new camera stabilizer and it helped! It took me awhile to figure it out, you will see as the video progresses. I am also learning that not all ballparks will let me use the camera and stabilizer, the following…


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