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Lesson Learned


Well, I have to say that I am learning a lot!  I have made the mistake of using some photos that are copyrighted, I thought they were not and assumed I could use them.  Thankfully, I have someone looking out for me and told me the error.  I have to change some things up and I will not be selling the T-Shirt I came out with last night, I still will have the T-Shirt that accompanies this post up on the site.  I will also will be revamping the site to make sure that I am not infringing on any copyrights.  This is a minor setback but I would rather deal with it now before I hit the road and I sold a bunch of shirts, to the people that purchased the T-Shirt, I will refund the money and you can decide if you want the current one.  So sorry and a little embarrassed.  I sincerely apologize to the company I used the photos from.

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