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I went down to Racine today to see a kid from Ashland (my hometown) participate in a baseball showcase event for college recruiters.  Johnny did an awesome job and I am very proud of him!  I also needed to get out and do some practicing of my own, I gave out about 10 of my Baseball Buddha cards and talked to some of the parents about what I will be doing.  It is a nerve racking experience walking up to people you do not know and talk about what you are doing, all of the people I talked to today were very receptive.  This gives me hope that I will develop a good following and that people will check in from time to time to see what I am up too.  I enjoyed watching all the High School kids participate and I especially liked watching the parents of these kids.  I hope to write more about this process in the future.  I would love to interview a few parents and have them explain what it feels like watching their child go through this recruiting process.  I also worked with the new camera I purchased yesterday, need to figure out how to edit the recordings, or I will be posting me just driving or discussing my opinions on many topics…

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  1. It is all about building relationships. Good luck.

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