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There is a lot to get done within the next month!  I am packing up my apartment, trying to get some more things up on the website, stay focused at my job until the 31st, make sure I have plenty of shorts, sunscreen, etc…  Besides the constant thought in my head of “what in the hell are you doing”, I am so excited to do this project, at this particular moment I am not worried about how it turns out, just that I have the courage to go out and do it.  I stayed home from work today and started packing up my apartment, I had to text my daughter to let her know I was getting a little sad, even though I didn’t necessarily like this place, it was home for 5 years.  My daughter lived with me here and we did create some very good memories, so as I was packing up some things it really hit me that she might not ever live with me again.  She will be done with winter break this weekend and the 2nd semester starts next week and I will be leaving in the middle of February.  I won’t see her until summer most likely.  Her attitude has been amazing regarding this!  I will share a speech she gave at school about me before I leave on this trip, but tonight her response to my text was, “Love You Dad and remember new chapters in life are always good!”  So yeah, here I sit with some tears in my eyes, knowing that I am committed to doing this!  Thanks for reading this little rant, more to come I am sure.

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2 thoughts on “Committed

  1. Ah HA!! Got it to work! Be brave, my soldier ~ I have complete faith in you. Now go out and be marvelous!

  2. Yes, daughter’s seem to bring it all into perspective. But, just remember, she will always be your very best ‘cheerleader’ and her love for you will never be lost … for it will always be right there in your heart. And she is correct! “New chapters in life are always good”. 😉 Stay the course … and don’t get sunburned along the way! 😀 E-n-j-o-y this new adventure.

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