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It is -8 degrees outside as I write this, in 2 weeks I will be in Florida watching baseball.  It doesn’t seem possible that baseball is right around the corner with this weather!  I have been very busy packing up my home and getting it ready to put in storage, still a lot to do and I am running out of time.  I need to recruit someone to help me load up a moving truck yet!  I don’ have a lot of things and it should only take about an hour to load a truck because I have it all boxed up, but I have a few large items I need help with.

It feels so odd to be packing and not having a place that I am going to call home, I am going to be a nomad for the baseball season and I will let the season unfold and I will go where I am pulled.  I have so many worries that play out in my head but I continue to overcome the scare of those, I am understanding the “comfortable” mentality more each day and I can see why a lot of people put things off to another day, we or I have become very comfortable with our lives and how they are playing out, I understand why people don’t take the risk of doing something different, we love familiarity.  I have no issues with any of this because I am feeling the uneasiness of uprooting my entire being and really getting out of my comfort zone and it scares me a lot.

I worry about a lot of things about this trip, i.e. car breaking down, sleeping in the car, running out of money, not finding interesting stories, not knowing how to write about the stories I do find, not getting any followers, meeting some crazy people, not finding a game to watch, my daughter needing me and she can’t get a hold of me, all my stuff getting stolen, nobody buying any t-shirts or hats, me not knowing what to say when people start asking me questions…  The list goes on and I need to share all this with you, I hope I don’t sound neurotic, I am not, these are concerns and I am taking a big risk and I am so excited to do this but there are days that I wish I could just be daydreaming about it than actually getting ready to do it.  Human nature I guess, just want to be comfortable…  Thanks for reading my rant!  Hope it warms up!

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  1. You really have a knack for being an honest writer. Thoughts in your head put into words on a page perfectly. Love how candid your post was.

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