Day 10 “Big Mistake!”

My Bad!
My Bad!

I want to apologize to every one that is starting to read my blog on a regular basis, I posted an article earlier in the day that I had to take down.  When I do an article, I like to give the people that it is about time to review it before it is posted.  This way they have an opportunity to clarify and correct things, it also gives them time to make sure they are comfortable with this going out on the world wide web, yesterday when I was interviewing my subject for today, I told her that I wouldn’t post it until she reviewed it, I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain and posted before she had that opportunity.   I gave her my word and I didn’t follow through, doesn’t matter the reason why, I have an excuse but in the end it doesn’t matter and I am wrong.  I pulled the article and to the people who did read it, I didn’t have all my facts straight and for that I am very sorry.  I learned a very valuable lesson today, taught to me by a very intelligent and gracious college student, who has accepted my apology.  Another lesson learned, I will chalk it up to that, since this is my Spring Training also, I will not make that mistake again.


  1. My admiration and respect for you just jumped to an even higher level. 😉 Very good ~ and, yes, a valuable lesson learned. Now, today dawn’s a new day = strength.


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