Day 4 “Scott Steen”

I wandered over to the Indiana State – Ohio State baseball game that was being played on Field #6 at North County Regional Park where the Snowbird Baseball Classic is being held, I just finished up listening to the UConn Broadcasters who were calling another game against Auburn on Field #3.  The day was gorgeous and perfect weather for baseball, slight breeze and 74 degrees without a cloud in the sky, I was feeling satisfied that I was off to a decent start with my first 2 stories and had a good idea for the UConn students.  Now to find another story because this week, baseball games are spotty until Friday and I need to make sure I had a story for Tuesday.  I wanted to find someone from Indiana State since I did someone from the other 3 teams that were playing each other this weekend.  Problem was that I was a little mentally tired and I was hoping that someone or something would present itself.  I walked  down the first base side and behind Indiana States bench and onto a mound where some parents were watching the game, I set my lawn chair up almost at the end of the parents next to a guy who was probably a dad to one of the players.

Scott Steen
Scott Steen

“As a parent you are constantly nervous,” Scott stated, ” It wasn’t like that when I was playing, there was always butterflies but you had a sense that you had little bit of control over the game.”   I was sitting next to Scott Steen, a 49 year old, salesman for a steel company, who married a North Dakota girl, as he put it.  Scott is the father of Taylor Steen, a sophomore catcher for the Indiana State Sycamores (if you just thought Larry Bird, I did the same thing).  Scott has been married for 23 years he has 3 other kids, Logan, Alexi and Jada.  His wife Carla and he brought their family down to watch Taylor, it worked out great because a friend just moved down to this area 2 weeks ago and they had a place to stay for the weekend; until they head down to Marco Island for the rest of their vacation, the plan there is to relax on the beach and have a few cocktails.

I asked Scott if he played baseball and I was surprised by his answer, he was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the first round, 15th overall of the January draft back in 1985, as a third baseman out of Ventura Junior College in Ventura, California where he grew up and cheered on the LA Dodgers. Scott was the youngest boy of the 5 his parents had along with his 2 sisters, his brother Rick also pitched in the minor leagues for the San Francisco Giants.  His parents are originally from Grand Forks, North Dakota but were “California Dreaming” and moved to Ventura in 1956.

Click on this link to see who was drafted before and after Scott in 1985(

Brook Jacoby who played 3rd base in the major leagues from 1981 until 1992 for the Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, Oakland A’s and is currently the Cincinnati Reds hitting coach was a family friend and had a major influence on Scott. He worked with Scott to develop his hitting and fielding.  Scott got to play all over the south for 3 years in the Carolina and Florida State Leagues, he said there was always pressure to preform since there was a new crop of prospects coming in every year. Arm trouble forced him to reconsider his future, he said it was very hard emotionally when that dreamed died, but would love for his son Taylor to have the opportunity to play pro ball just to experience it but he does stress to him to get his education so he has something to fall back on.

After baseball Scott went back to college at the University of North Dakota where he played basketball for 2 years, while there he met his wife Carla, got married and had the 4 kids, all of which participate in sports.  Scott said he worked with Taylor a lot as he was growing up, especially on work ethic, Taylor was a 3 sport athlete.  I asked him if he is a laid back dad or an overbearing one when it comes to the kids and sports, he said he falls somewhere in between, he told me he was giving Taylor some fatherly advice after Taylor struggled in a hockey game, Taylor shot back at him, “How many years did you skate?”, Scott said that hit home with him since he never did skate and he realized it is easy to criticize when you don’t know what it is like, he tries to just enjoy watching his kids but like he said, “you are constantly nervous because you want them to do well.”  Scott said that it was quite different when he grew up playing compared to today with regards to kids sports, there wasn’t as much specialization and  pressure to preform at the younger ages when he grew up, he doesn’t know if it is good or bad just that it is different.

I enjoyed watching the game with Scott which Indiana State came back to win against Ohio State in a very exciting finish 8-6, it has been great just being out in the crowd listening to the moments of excitement that this game brings, it makes me happy, enjoy your time on Marco Island Scott you have a beautiful family!

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Day 3 “UConn Baseball Broadcasters”

“You’re listening to UConn baseball on 91.7”, I heard this when I walked under the tent that was positioned behind the back stop, I was looking for a story for my third day and the first 2 stories were easily found and I was hoping that the 3rd would present itself quickly, I was running a little late for the game between Indiana State and UConn so I was hoping I didn’t jinx myself.  When I noticed the broadcasters from UConn I thought they were quite young and that they had to be students.  I set my lawn chair up behind them under the media tent, I did have a “Press Pass” for the Snowbird Baseball Classic and I was going to use it, I felt important.

Jeff & Chris
Jeff & Chris

As I sat and listened to the 2 broadcasters from UConn, I thought how easily they went with the flow of the game, how they described the pitch location, what was happening in the field, were all the players were positioned, and how they kept up with all the statistics. I kept thinking how I would freeze up when I had to do some public speaking, but these 2 described the action of the game and interjected facts at random, I was impressed, I found my story hopefully…

I went up to them between innings and gave them my card, I said I wanted to talk to them after the game which was currently going into the bottom of the 3rd inning, they both looked at me like, “okay dude”, shrugged their shoulders and went back to broadcasting, I was nervous choosing these 2 because I had to wait to the end of the game to interview them and I didn’t know how much time they had and my goal is a story a day during this trip and I wanted interesting stories and these guys were interesting to me.  Plus they could just say they didn’t feel comfortable doing it.

As the game ended and UConn lost to Indiana State 3-0, I went over and introduced myself and explained what I was doing regarding Baseball Buddha; they introduced themselves as Chris and Jeff.  Chris is the head of the sports department at UConn for the radio station and has been calling UConn Baseball since he was a freshman, Chris is currently a senior majoring in Journalism with a minor in business.  According to Jeff, Chris is the “baseball guy” at the radio station, he did every game last year and is doing the same thing for this season and he also decides who covers what sports and who goes on what trips. Don Orsillo who is the play-by-play announcer for Boston Red Sox games on the New England Sports Network has been a big influence, of late, to Chris along with Gus Johnson (see below).

Jeff who is only a freshman, is a double major in Journalism and Communications, while growing up in East Lyme, Connecticut, he enjoyed listening to Gus Johnson and was a major influence on why he wanted to get into broadcasting.  Johnson is known primarily for his enthusiasm and excitement that he shares with the game. He often uses signature phrases “Oh my goodness!”, “Rise and fire… Count it!”, “Here comes the pain!”, “From the parking lot!”.  For those that don’t know who Gus Johnson is and want to know more click here,

Both Chris and Jeff come from very supportive families of 4, their parents try to listen to the games they call when they are able to, Chris grew up in Crystal Lake, Illinois, where he cheered on the Chicago Cubs, he obviously knows what it is like to be a hard luck fan, I forgot to ask him about Steve Bartman… Jeff on the other hand is a Boston Red Sox fan and since he is only about 19 has no idea what it was like to cheer for Boston prior to 2004 and the “Curse of the Bambino”, but I am sure if you ask his parents about the Bill Buckner error in the 1986 World Series, they will give him a long dissertation.  They are very lucky to be able to cheer on their favorite MLB teams in the 2 most historic stadiums, of course that is my opinion but I am sure they will agree.

On the broadcast I observed them doing, they were very professional neither one cracked any jokes or said anything that they’d take back. Usually their broadcasts go smoothly without any errors, and they try to stay loose and have fun on the air as much as they can.  It comes down to preparation they say, which usually takes about 2 hours (give or take). Names for players on UConn are easier to get down because they’re more familiar with them and see them play more often, but as the game goes on they usually are able to figure out and consistently get opposing team players names right as well.

I asked Chris if he gets frustrated or if he is biased when calling a game when it isn’t going UConn’s way, Chris stated “We try not to voice any negativity when we’re on the air. With UConn especially, no matter how the games going, we try and be as optimistic as possible. Also, we pride ourselves on respecting the opposing teams and giving them credit when it’s due.”

I asked if there were ever times where they just blank out and don’t know what to say, “Sometimes there are moments when we don’t talk on purpose, especially if we want the crowd’s reaction to carry over across the airwaves. Even though it’s going out to a lot of people, we feel like at the game we’re basically having a simple conversation between two people and that makes it much easier to share our thoughts and such on the broadcast,” Jeff stated this in his very relaxed and unassuming manner that I really admired for being so young.

I was curious about the stats they used for the games and I was surprised that they had to keep their own for baseball.  According to Chris it is important because they need to write down things for every pitch, there are game note packets and things online that schools put together that have all of the historical data in them, and that’s what they look at when they do their preparation. As I watched them they were checking things on-line and seamlessly working those facts into the game.

Both call other sports for the school radio station and they say that it doesn’t take away from school or the social aspects too much.  They say that if they could continue their careers; working for one of the big networks would be the dream. Jeff says that he is shooting for ESPN, NBC, CBS, or whoever will take him. As long as he can continue to do this as a job and do it for the rest of his life that’s all that really matters. If he could cover either basketball, football, or baseball professionally that would be fantastic.

Chris and Jeff call the games on 91.7 FM which is UConn’s student radio station, and if you would like to tune in, a lot of people stream them online at, I enjoyed listening to these 2 guys and I believe that they will go far in the broadcast business.

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Day 2 “Jim Laurent”

Jim Laurent
Jim Laurent

I met Jim Laurent on the 3rd base side of the Charlotte Sports Complex, he immediately told me that it was Woody Hayes 101st birthday, I immediately thought Woody Hayes is still alive?  I, of course,  didn’t ask Jim if Woody was still alive since I wanted to come across as being knowledgeable to Ohio State sports history besides I would have thought Woody would have died of a heart attack since he was such an intense coach.  Another reason I probably didn’t question Jim was because he was talking to me in this goofy dog outfit that he had borrowed from the Country Hound Café in Englewood, Florida.  Jim and the large group of Ohio State fans were at the game to cheer on their beloved Buckeyes, I was impressed with the turnout for the first baseball game of the season at the Snowbird Baseball Classic put on and organized by Steve Partington and his wife Shannon, who I hope to talk with at a later time and who are also Ohio State fans.

To the people reading and don’t know who Woody Hayes is he coached the Ohio State football program for 28 seasons and won 5 national championships, but despite these great achievements he was fired after the 1978 Gator Bowl for punching an opposing player during the game!  To read more about Woody just click here  I had to actually look up to see if Woody had died, he did on March 12, 1987.

Jim is the ideal type of “character” that I thought would be a fun to profile, he is 78 years old has been retired from the Air Force for the last 24 years.  Jim grew up in Mt Vernon, Ohio where his dad would drag him to all the Ohio State sporting events so he says it just automatically gets in your blood.  He has been a friend of the Ohio State Alumni Association for years, he quickly points out he never attended Ohio State, he enlisted in the Air Force instead, where he worked during the Cold War in Germany, on a “Top Secret” project involving electromagnetic monitoring, he really didn’t have any idea what it was that he was doing since it was a “secret” until 20 years later; they were monitoring the Soviet Union, Jim likes to joke, “In God we trust; all others we monitor”.  He met his wife Gisela while stationed in Germany and they have been married for the past 53 years.

The Dog Outfit
The Dog Outfit

Jim eventually took off the goofy dog outfit and put on his Ohio State hard hat, necklace of Buckeyes, and Ohio State pit crew jacket which is autographed by 2 time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin.  Archie saw that Jim was wearing this very stylish pit crew jacket, like the ones worn in NASCAR, at a sporting event and wanted one but Jim told him that only 80 were made and he had the last one which he got at a discount because it was too small for him at the time, he had to lose about 12 pounds before it fit comfortably.  Archie autographed it instead and Jim displays the jacket and autograph proudly. More information on Archie Griffin, click here

As Jim and I were speaking he  would shout from time to time, “O.H.” and the rest of the Ohio State fans would yell, “I.O” this obviously spells Ohio, it took me a few times to understand what they were yelling and I could tell that the players seemed to enjoy hearing this battle cry.  At one point an Ohio State player hit a grand slam and Jim jumped up and had this toilet bowl brush that was in Ohio State colors and decked out in Buckeyes he started pointing this toilet bowl brush and shouting “Grand Slam”  and the rest of the crowd started yelling it with him.  I was laughing pretty hard at this and I have to say that I felt like I hit a gold mine with Jim as far as putting the fanatic in the “fan”.  He explained to me that he uses his toilet bowl brush in football for first downs, basketball for 3 pointers, and in baseball for base hits.  It goes something like this for a football first down, “that is another Ohio State first down” and he points the brush in the direction of the first down.  I scan to see what his wife Gisela is doing as I am talking with Jim and when he riles up the crowd, she seems like the perfect wife and to me she enjoys her husbands antics.

Jim is a huge soccer fan and is his favorite sport he has been to 4 World Cups, he said that he is friends with a couple of the “kids” on the team, I highlight “kids” because Jim said it and what I like about Jim is that he has a lot of “kid” in him even though he is 78, I truly believe that age is relative to how you feel and your outlook on life.  As President of the Rotonda West Association Buckeye Club or RWA, which has over 200 members, Jim gets people involved with Ohio State sports when a team is in South Florida, he says you can be a member or friend of the club if you have ever driven through Ohio, so I actually qualify, but will refrain since I am a Wisconsin Badger through and through.  RWA organized lunch for the Buckeye baseball team in between games the day after I met Jim, he and his friends also made sure that I ate which was very much appreciated since I am on a limited budget, he even got some of the baseball players to pose with him in the OHIO pose, similar to the YMCA pose, I posted pictures.

Ohio State beat UConn in their first game of the season, the Ohio State fans were very gracious to me.  Jim please don’t ever fully grow up, you make sporting events fun!  I will check to see if you have a Buckeye in your pocket next time I see you since you said that you always have one with you, unless you are naked.  I have to admit that I really didn’t know what a “Buckeye”  was for years and just recently looked it up, it is a tree, I always thought it was the nickname for a Wolverine…  Just kidding Ohio State fans, it was a pleasure meeting all of you.

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Day 1 “Lonnie Burton”

“Come on Blue” is what I heard, this guy was giving it to the ump, I thought this guy could be my first fan that I will interview for the Baseball in America Tour 2014, he would be the start.  The very first of hopefully many characters that I will meet along the way.   My hope was this guy would have an interesting story, he was sitting with a teenage boy, both were decked out in Auburn Tiger gear, so when he yells “Come on Blue” he is referring to the Tigers who were decked out in Orange and that is why I was confused.

Noah & Lonnie
Noah & Lonnie

I walked up to them and introduced myself, Lonnie Burton was his name and he was at the game with his 14 year old grandson Noah who got out of school early to go to the game with his grandpa.  Lonnie explained that he was a huge fan of all Auburn sports, especially football and especially this year since Auburn defeated Alabama in the Iron Bowl ( click on the link to see the highlights if you don’t know what I am talking about.  He explained that in Alabama that you have to declare basically at birth if you are an Auburn or Alabama fan, he has 4 brothers, 3 are ‘Bama fans and him and another brother are Auburn.  It gets quite heated during the rivalry game if his brothers watch it together so in recent years they haven’t.

Lonnie is 64 years old and lives in Fort Myers, Florida for the past 11 years and works in commercial refrigeration for Hillyork, he is originally from Birmingham, Alabama, right in the heart of enemy territory as he put it, he moved to Fort Myers because North Alabama was just too cold (quit laughing my Wisconsin friends) he has 5 kids and 1 girl, Noah’s mother and the first girl born in Lonnie’s family in 9 generations, (that is not a typo, 9 generations) Noah is 1 of 5 grandsons that Lonnie has, he doesn’t have a granddaughter, must not be in the DNA, Lonnie says.

Lonnie says he really only likes college sports but does pay attention to the Carolina Panthers because of Auburn alum Cam Newton but that is about it, since he can get his fill watching the 54 sports at Auburn.  He said that the Tigers are predicted to place last in the SEC and are in the same division of baseball powerhouse LSU, but Lonnie thinks they will be more in the middle of the pack since they have a new coach and he has a better plan.

As I wandered around the stadium after talking to Lonnie I would hear him yelling, “Lets go blue”, or “Come on blue”.  I loved the way he was when Indiana State got a base hit, he would say, “Just a long single”…   Auburn beat Indiana State 4 to nothing in the first game of many baseball games to come, Lonnie you were the perfect “first” fan to interview for this new adventure I am on and I thank you and your grandson Noah for letting me watch part of the game with you.   Go Blue!

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(I will apologize ahead of time, I need to go back and clean this up a little bit, still a little tired from the drive… that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!)

Yesterday I arrived in Florida to some very beautiful weather!  I was exhausted by the drive from Milwaukee, I stopped only twice to take a quick cat nap, each lasting about an hour.  The trip was smooth except for the fact that I didn’t charge any of the video cameras I am using, I was going to record some stuff as I drove, the great insight and pearls of wisdom that I so often share and that most of you are waiting to hear so you can change your life after, with the new profound knowledge.  It was probably going to be me talking about how excited I am to get out of the cold, how I am going to miss my daughter, and how nervous and excited I am to be doing this little adventure.  Like I said the trip was smooth, EXCEPT for the fact that I was racing to get through Atlanta before the Catastrophic storm was going to hit Northern Georgia, well I didn’t know that this storm was going to happen, all I know was that a good friend of mine told me that she was worried because there is supposed to be some storm.  I was like okay, lets make it through Atlanta before so I won’t have to sit in my car all night because Atlanta is ill prepared for what is common from where I live.

My first hour long nap was 45 miles from Chattanooga in the Smokey Mountains, I needed the rest and I figured I could make it to Atlanta right before rush hour so I took the chance, after the nap I got back on the road and cruised down the mountain and I was about 15 miles from Chattanooga, I saw a salt truck out, I chuckled to myself thinking about how much this guy was dumping on the roads, he clearly has no idea what he was doing or so I thought…

I get through Chattanooga and I was kind of getting worried once I saw that truck, as I get into Dalton Georgia it starts snowing, not just a few flakes, I am talking white out conditions!  I check the weather in Atlanta and it says it is raining there (100 miles away)  so I am thinking that it should be okay after al little bit, there isn’t a lot of cars on the road at the time, which was around 5am (Eastern just switched and this was a mistake, I lost that hour taking the nap, needed it to get through Atlanta before rush hour), I figured I knew how to drive in snow I live in Wisconsin (2nd nature in the GREAT state of Wisconsin), slow down and tap my brakes, go about 40MPH.  I was fine for about 5 miles.  Some cars were following me, probably saw the license plates and thought this guy knows what he is doing.  Wrong assumption!   The drivers of the cars got impatient and start passing me, remember this is white out conditions, nothing has been plowed.  About 2 minutes after they start passing me one car starts fish tailing in front of me, I had enough and I was stopping at a Waffle House until the plows came out or the storm blew over.

I am in the Waffle House and I ask the cook how much snow they were suppose to get, he says 1-3 inches today, he says it is really bad and that he should have stayed home, in my head I am all arrogant because I think 1-3 inches is nothing.  Like this guy is going to be impressed that in Wisconsin we don’t keep our kids home for that little dusting.  He tells me that another customer says it isn’t that bad on the roads, I tell the customer that it is, since the plows weren’t out yet.  3 of them were sitting in the Waffle House parking lot.  The customer waves me off like he knows better, I keep thinking listen to me, I am from Wisconsin, I know snow!  Anyway, I eat and contemplate what to do, stay here or chance it and try to get through to Atlanta where it is raining, I was thinking if the plows get out it should be okay.  I see all 3 plows leave the parking lot and go down the on ramp, all 3 where going to plow and salt in my direction!  This is great news and besides these look like 3 brand new trucks and these guys will want to show off and do a great job of plowing.

I pay and leave, the trucks have a 5 minute head start and they will probably plow to where the snow ends so I take off, I go down the on ramp and I see a semi barreling down the road and 5 or 6 cars and a box truck, these cars are doing the speed limit and the freeway doesn’t look plowed, I am yelling at them to slow down, well all of the sudden it is a jail break, cars sliding into ditches, the semi jack knifes cars sliding everywhere, no pile up that I saw and I don’t think anyone was hurt, this all happens while I am on the on ramp and now I am going about 25MPH so they end up a mile from me, I approach the accident and I drive around everything, people were all being helped and some were standing around scratching their heads wondering why that just happened, I would have stopped and told them but since everyone appeared okay and were getting helped, I just keep on going, I needed to get through Atlanta before rush hour.  Well, I was wondering why the roads weren’t plowed, there was a ton of salt on the roads now, 3 times the amount that we put on in Wisconsin, I was able to go at a decent pace with no one around for about 40 miles, I caught up to the plows, their plows were sitting about 8 inches off the ground and the salt dispenser gauge was wide open, I wonder if they were trained on how to lower the plow.  Anyway, about 20 miles from Atlanta, it starts turning rain and it is getting to be 8 am and I am thinking I am screwed, well I get through Atlanta in record time, I thought their rush hour was bad but my memory must be wrong.

I get into Florida and I get a call from my Dad, when I answer he asks where I am and I tell him and he says good you are safe, he explains to me about the storm and that the Governor told everyone to stay home in Atlanta and North Georgia, my dad says it will be catastrophic.

Why Baseball?


I have been asked a lot lately, why baseball?  We all have a love for something whether it’s fishing, hunting, hiking, football, bowling, knitting or collecting things. It’s something we enjoy doing in our spare time. It all ties back to that moment in our lives where we feel whole again, even if it is just for a short while. Have you ever walked into a library or book store and picked up a book you once read as a child and suddenly had a flood of memories? Have you ever heard a song on the radio that took you back in time to that first moment you heard it? That is what I feel when I am at a baseball game.

I remember those moments in time where it all began. I look back to those early days when I was exposed to the sport. I can still remember my very first major league games I attended and the feeling of excitement and happiness I had during those moments as I entered the stadium. It was a warm summer day in June 1975; the Milwaukee Brewers took on the California Angels in a doubleheader. My dad and I had seats on the third base side of County Stadium.

I focused on, George “The Boomer” Scott playing 1st base and Robing Yount, the 19 year old shortstop for the Brewers, I don’t remember how the games ended up in my memory but “The Boomer” went 1 for 4 in the first game and 1 for 5 in the 2nd, Robin went 3 for 5 in both games as the Brewers split the doubleheader with the Angels.  The Boomer wore a hard helmet when he played the infield and I loved that he went against the norm and how Robin was so young, watching him and the way he played and how I wanted to be like him.  While the memory has faded over the years and I only remember minor pieces of it, I will never forget the feeling from that day.  The awe of County Stadium and seeing all those people coming together to watch a game, looking up and seeing Bob Uecker and Merle Harmon talking to all those listening to the game on the radio at home, as I had on so many occasions.  It was a moment of realization that this was my church, my home, my place of completeness.  From that moment forward, I wanted to be here.  Of course, as we all know, there comes a realization when we grow up that we are not all going to be the next Reggie Jackson or Derek Jeter of our sports, but I dreamed and believed I could be there and when that dream died, I lost the excitement for something that once gave me so much hope and inspiration.

It was not until recently that I rekindled my romance with Baseball and ignited those feelings. I realized that maybe my calling back in 1975 wasn’t to be a major league player or even a minor league ball player, but to be the spectator of the game, not just the teams I root for but for the entire fan experience.

In One Week…

Packed Up!
Packed Up!

I will be leaving a week from today, I have the majority of my home packed up and in storage, still have a few large items that I need to find a storage spot for the 265 days that I will be on the road.  I am still tweaking the website everyday and it will evolve over the course of this project.  I have got everything worked out with Topline Promotions to make all the T-Shirts and Baseball Hats, please order one and when you receive it please take a picture and post to the Baseball Buddha Facebook page!  Click here to order .

I am still working on my itinerary but it is coming along nicely and I will post that on a weekly basis when I figure out a more defined system, my friend Roger Wilson has compiled a list of over 16,000 baseball games that are scheduled for the upcoming season.  He has organized them in an Excel spreadsheet and all I have to do is sort by day and location to see what games are being played in that area, the games he has included are MLB, MiLB, College, College Summer Leagues and some various independent leagues.  What a wonderful thing to have and it is very much appreciated.  I have had an outpouring of support from so many people and the constant encouragement and kind words has given me a lot of motivation.

My co-workers got together with me last Friday night and gave me a going away party, what a wonderful group of people, you all will be missed and I thank you all for the last 5 years.  Just wanted to give a quick update!  Keep checking the Social Media sites and go through the website, I have added to my biography and I will continue to add as the summer progresses, I explained further on the “How to Help” page on what I will be blogging about so please check those things out.

Do you know Social Media? I need help!


I am looking for someone that knows Social Media, the pay is not that great, well there is no pay.  I am looking for someone that wants to get their hands dirty and learn the ins and outs of all the Social Media platforms, I need someone that is willing to work with me for the next 9 months to get Baseball Buddha as much exposure as you can.  This will help you gain valuable experience email me at, I look forward to hearing form you!