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Day 29 “Taking It Easy”

Crowd at Cape Coral and Mariner High School baseball game!
Crowd at Cape Coral and Mariner High School baseball game!

I went to a high school baseball game to see Cape Coral High School play Mariner High School, both located in Cape Coral, FL. The stands were packed. I don’t know if it was because spring break had just started or that the game meant that much to the schools. I think it was a combination of both. There was also a fast pitch girls softball game going on between the two schools with quite a few fans at that game, too.  With the fields along side each other, there were many times a baseball was fouled off into the softball game that interrupted play.  I also think that it is common for the boys and girls to play at the same time. Same thing was happening the other night when I attended a game, Riverdale playing against Estero.
I enjoyed the game, the sportsmanship of the kids playing and the fans in the stands. There were a couple of tense moments when “testosterone” was flowing pretty good, but overall I loved it!  I talked to some ball players from another Cape Coral High School – Ida S Baker, who were there to scout the two teams. They told me that they have played with, or against, these guys on both teams all their lives. They made sure to tell me to go check out Venice High School (VHS) on Monday. VHS is the #1 H.S. team in the country currently and will be playing North Fort Myers.  I asked,”they are that good?” and they said, “oh yeah, beat us 11-1 and then 12-2”, they laughed. I thanked them for the lead, I will be there Monday.

Saw this at Red Sox game...
Saw this at Red Sox game…

I will not be writing too much today or tomorrow. However, I will make sure to post a tidbit, and go to a game. I have been on the “Baseball in America Tour 2014”  for over four weeks – I am having a great time meeting people and watching baseball. I am not at all sick of it.  I am actually getting more excited about the project and ready to move on to Arizona for a week before the MLB season begins. South Florida has been a gold mine of opportunity for me, people have been very receptive to talk, that is much appreciated. Baseball is an obsession down here. I believe that a great book, or documentary, could be written just following the kids and teams around. With such characters and the parents you would find, as I have, would be very interesting. I have met a couple of guys that I will remain friends with, they have made things so much easier for me (Bob or don’t call me BJ, and Todd).

I have assembled a team that have been working behind the scenes, also. Beth Chapman has been editing all my posts every day. Believe me that is no small undertaking, she is quite the sports blogger herself.  Roger Wilson has been handling my social media, while also compiling all the schedules to baseball games all over the country.  Todd Schultz (of Bob and Todd) is editing video, while patiently explaining to me some of the things I need to do. I need to mention the amount of time Stephanie Kern put in designing the website for me, I can’t thank her enough! Topline Promotions is making sure that all the orders for T-Shirts and Hats are made and shipped.  Then there has been the donations of money, I am “floored” by peoples generosity and words of encouragement!  Thank you!

That’s it for today, I will go easy on Beth!  My daughter arrived last night for a week of sun, while on spring break from college, want to spend some time with her. I am also excited about a fundraiser tonight for SWFL baseball, Bob and Todd are hosting it, they gave me a T-Shirt…  I hope I win the Texas Hold’em tournament!

If you enjoy this story and you would like to help me complete the “Baseball in America Tour 2014”, which is roughly 265 days, please click on the following link to see how you can help .  Please also share this on your Facebook page and Twitter, I appreciate all the help I can get!

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2 thoughts on “Day 29 “Taking It Easy”

  1. Outstanding work always John and I try to support you when I can. Beth as you know is an excellent source for help and inspiration as she is for me as a writing friend. Take care and best wishes in your journey John. God bless you. Paul.

  2. Thank you very much for the recognition. You are so very welcome and honored to part of the “team”. 😉 High School teams can be very competitive because hormones are running wild! LOL… But just as fun to watch and speculate “who” one may see in the future in the majors. Enjoy your time with your daughter – very special, indeed. Take care and great post.

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