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Day 39 “2000 Miles”

Yesterday I was in El Paso, Texas and watched a great 14U Rec League game between the EP Dodgers and Socorro Bulldogs.  The Bulldogs won the game 3-1 by scoring 2 runs in the top of the seventh inning.  I enjoyed talking to the fans that were watching their kids play.  Since it was rec league the skill level was all over the map.  But the thing that I really liked was how respectful the players, coaches, and parents were to each other, there was some grumbling late in the game because it was close and the teams were tied for first place but overall it was a great experience.  You could see Mexico from the bleachers I was sitting in, it was just a couple miles down the road so that was interesting.  I am still extremely tired, I have driven 2000 miles since last Friday, I was able to make it to Phoenix today to meet up with my friend Jared Olson and his family to watch the Brewers play.

I will eventually recover and get back to posting some great stories and profiles but I need a few days to recover!  I slept in the car last night at a truck stop in Lordsburg, NM.  It was dark when I got there and when I left so I didn’t get to see to much of the scenery, when the sun came up I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it was in the hard scrabble landscape of Arizona.  I stopped in Tucson, Arizona to get Starbucks and I made the mistake of asking if this is where Arizona State is, she said “NO!  U OF A!”, I apologized and the lady gave the low down on the differences of the schools.  Well tomorrow Arizona is playing Arizona State here in baseball so I might go to that game instead of a spring training game.  It was suggested by a friend of Jared’s who lives here and says he wishes he could attend if he wasn’t working!   That is all for today, I was late to post!  I am extremely tired and I will edit this tomorrow…  Beth no worries on doing it until tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Day 39 “2000 Miles”

  1. Hi John
    I am Coach Jesse, the guy that you met on the parking lot that Monday when you stopped to watch the youth game in El Paso, Tx. I enjoyed your write up on the youth baseball game experience, but someone gave you the wrong info. The team that played and beat the EP Dodgers that evening was not Toxic, it was our team, The Socorro Bulldogs. I just wanted to get you the right info. for your blog. Thanks again for visiting and watching our game sounds like you enjoyed it. I know we did.
    Coach Jesse
    Socorro Bulldogs

    1. Thanks Jesse for the clarification! I made the changes and I did enjoy the game, I wish I was able to write a better blog on the experience but I was exhausted! I will be coming through El Paso again in a month or so I might stop by again!

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