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Day 44 “Nervous!”

Chase Field
Chase Field

Yesterday I went to Chase Field in Phoenix and saw the Cubs beat the Diamondbacks in an exhibition game, 9-8. The night before I went to see the Phoenix Suns play the New York Knicks at the US Cellular Arena. The Suns dominated the entire game and a guy nailed a half court shot to win $77,000 the arena went nuts, even the players! I am very grateful to Jason Selner for getting me the tickets. It was the first NBA game I have seen all year. Jason also showed me the catwalk and the control room on top of the arena.  I went to the game with a friends’ brother-in-law I met at the game. I had a great time in Phoenix. I was going to wait until Monday to leave after I saw the Diamondbacks opening game. But I thought I would get to San Diego so I could be at Opening Night for the Dodgers vs Padres game!

The drive was about 5 hours, had to say it was the first time I was a little lonely on the trip. I have been out of my comfort zone for over 6 weeks.  It is odd to get into different towns, not know where everything is and “if” the different areas are safe.  I never had much of an opinion on gun control, but I have to say that driving through west Texas and through Arizona, I can understand why people want their guns. It is some very barren country and I wasn’t used to it. The scenery was very pretty in a hard scrabble kind of way. I was actually nervous. There have been four inspection stations that I have had to stop at in the last week. These are near the Mexican border and they check for illegals. Not going to get into any political discussion about it, just stating how I was feeling. I drove through the mountains and I worried about breaking down. I am not as brave as I think I am. I find it funny about what goes through my mind when I am nervous.  Anyway, I am in San Diego and I am getting ready to go to the game at Petco Park!

My social media guy figured out how to put a map on the website. Thanks, Roger! I met with Brittany Rex, along with her professor from ASU, last week to discuss this project and they gave a lot of great insight! I appreciate everyone that has help me with this! Please click on the following link to check out the new page:

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2 thoughts on “Day 44 “Nervous!”

  1. You’re doing fine John. Just take care and say safe. It’s too bad you don’t have a friend to do this with but you’ll be ok. Take care and have fun!

  2. Wow … you may have seen the only win the Cubs have for awhile! LOL… I would be nervous traveling anywhere in the So. & SW right now in our lives. Too many people are whacked! 😉 But good to know you made it to San Diego.

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