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Day 50 “Dodger Love!”

Buddha Love!
Buddha Love!

Yesterday, I went to opening day at Dodger Stadium!  I was very excited to be there since I have been a big fan since the mid 70’s. I got a free ticket from Bob Brennan who hooked me up (Day 34 “March Madness”)! It was all that I expected. The fans were loud and into it even though the San Francisco Giants scored 6 times in the top of the first – the day was beautiful. I love the look of Dodger Stadium, the design is very classic and no other ball park that I have seen is quite like it. I have to say that the traffic was horrific! Getting into and out of the parking lot was a nightmare!  I did meet some great guys after the game that I talked to for a half hour to kill some time, they told me about how things worked and where to go in LA.

It was exciting to be a part of my third Opening Day this year (Padres, Angels, Dodgers)! The Dodgers honored Vin Scully who has been their broadcaster for 65 years! My seats were on the second level down the third base line. I got to talk to Deborah, who was there with her daughter Isabella.  Isabella, who I think was three, slept for about five innings. Her mom was a hardcore baseball fan. Her knowledge of the players and their tendencies kept surprising me. She was from Boston, but currently lives near Miami and was in town with her husband. No, he was not at the game because of business. I initially thought she was a players wife, she knew some people on the team and knew a lot about them.  Deborah has been to a lot of games at different places. Of course she was a Red Sox fan and the Dodgers were her “National League” team. She put me to shame with her information! I enjoyed talking to her throughout the game as I soaked in the atmosphere, it felt great being at the game. I kept looking around and saying to myself that I was at Dodger Stadium. I thought about my friend Brian Roberts (Day 26 “Sleeping Arrangements”), he would have loved this, I made sure to text him.

Traffic and the Blimp!
Traffic and the Blimp!

I have been to Los Angeles four times now, but this was the first time I spent a lot of time battling the traffic. Not fun on the “405” or the “5” with cars and people everywhere. I haven’t been feeling very good since I got to California. I think I have an Upper Respiratory infection, I am blaming it on the traffic and the smog!  I am sitting in Las Vegas right now writing this post (figured it would help my cold).  I headed this way this morning to catch a minor league game between the Las Vegas 51s and the Fresno Grizzlies at Cashman Field which I will do a fan review of on Stadium Journey!  Check out my review of Dodger Stadium. Well, that is all for today, with this cold or infection I have been really tired!  I will try and find a profile tonight, but to be honest it has been hard to concentrate at the games for long periods of times with this cold.

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2 thoughts on “Day 50 “Dodger Love!”

  1. Wow I would love to go to Dodger Stadium for my tenth major league stadium someday. I was at the old Dodgertown in Vero Beach Florida several times and I had a high school friend who pitched in their minor league system for awhile. Glad you got to Dodger Stadium and all the other great places you go. And as I said on Facebook sorry for us about the Badgers,but Kentucky pulled it out. great season for the Badgers though.

  2. Pretty cool to be there to see Scully honored. And I’m sure the new stadium is “state of the art”. Do hope you get to feeling better … may have to track down a doctor to take care of that cold!! Take care of you … and for tonight – a good night’s rest is in order. Besides, no one really wants to talk with someone who has a cold! 😉 Better stay in and rest!

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