Day 57 “No Story”

Happy to report, I feel much better. The cold has peaked!  I went to a baseball game at Utah Valley University last night and the view at the stadium was fantastic!  I watched the entire game and only talked to one person. This gentleman I will dub as the ‘tattoo man’. One that, when you first look at him, you instantly want to look away for fear of him.  I didn’t, of course. I inquired about the neck tats that he had. He explained what they all meant to him, but he recommended not getting neck tattoos. Even though a bit scary looking, the guy was really nice. He was with his wife enjoying the game, but I didn’t ask him if he wanted to be profiled.  Since it was the first time, in what seems a long time that I have felt good, I figured I would come up with something. Today I got up, went to Starbucks to write, I drew a blank. So for now – I have nothing to write about!  I did go to two games and have a good story for tomorrow!

Please check back. I will be back in the groove – I promise!


  1. Oh, the ol’ writer’s block. It will pass. Now one more good day to rest and conquer your cold for good! 😉 Why, when we see a person with tattoo’s do we coil back? Well, to a certain extent. The human body art form is not for me, but seems lots of people have them now days – and as you mentioned, very nice people to talk with. lol…. Human nature , I suppose! Even though you stated you had nothing to write about – short and sweet – you sure did, the “tattoo man”! Maybe not a baseball related story – but still a bit of news from the baseball park! 😀


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