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Day 74 “CrossFit”

Today, I am completely and utterly exhausted!  I was able to work out the last two days at CrossFit-Carolina in Columbia and then again this morning at CrossFit-Charleston.  I hadn’t worked out since I left Florida which was over a month ago. In addition, I haven’t been eating the greatest.  Ball park food is not high on the health food list and I’ve been drawn to eating those terrible hot dogs (I should say, “sodium nitrate dogs”)!  Anyway, I was very happy that my CrossFit friends were there when I needed them. Everyone has always been helpful and outgoing.  I am amazed with how all the gyms do the same exercises, which gives me a lot  of comfort.  I almost threw up this morning, that’s how fast I got out of shape. I think the hot dogs has something to do with the situation, also.  I am sure it won’t take me that long to get back to where I was. But, need to rid myself of my “spare tire”, along with being more consistent. Being so busy, I believe I used this as an easy excuse not to go.  Plus, I didn’t know how it would be to just “pop in” to a CrossFit box.  Now that I know how accepting they are, I no longer “have an excuse” to skip weeks at a time.

I am super sore!  I think I will take tomorrow off to let my body recover. However, it’s all good – a “good sore”!  Okay enough of that.

I went to a high school baseball game last night in Columbia between Lexington and AC Flora.  Both of these teams were State Champions last year.  Lexington won the large school AAA division and AC Flora won the division level just below AAA.  In South Carolina, the high schools play the best of three championship series. When I attend high school games it is all about watching the game for me.  I love to pick out a player and study him.  Last night it was the third baseman for AC Flora, he piped my interest with his strong arm. The young player was only a junior and was built like Prince Fielder, only a tad taller.  I won’t bore you with what I thought of him.  These teams were cross town rivals and AC Flora came away victorious, 8-2.  I don’t think either team was using their top pitchers since playoffs begin on Thursday.

After the game I drove down to Charleston, got into town after midnight and pulled into a Wal-Mart parking lot. I didn’t sleep well at all it was very hot and humid, so that adds to my current state of exhaustion. I might have to rethink this type of sleeping arrangement come summer. I just want to make sure that I have enough money to get through the end of the season, so I need to be very frugal now!

If anyone would like a Baseball Buddha sticker, email me your address. I will wait until I have at least 10 requests before I mail them out. Take a picture when received, so I can post to Instagram. That’s it for today folks!

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  1. John, get to Walmart to shop again. They should have battery operated clip-on fans … about 4-5″ wide. You could clip that onto your sun visor to circulate the air. That may help on those “very warm nights” in the car! Only about $5. 😉

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