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Day 86 “Mississippi College Baseball”

olemissI have been to three college baseball games in the state of Mississippi.  A game at Southern Miss, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss, I was impressed with all three venues.  I had a great time at “The Roost” and the “Left Field Lounge”. I didn’t venture out  to the outfield stands at the Ole Miss game but I was impressed with the turnout for a Saturday afternoon game, the day of graduation!  Many people showed up dressed to the “nines”.  I totally “geeked the game” with keeping book and listening to the game on the radio.  Dave Kellum, the Ole Miss radio announcer, I think is one of the best. He seems really relaxed and it flowed naturally, his style works well for me.

This will be a state I will be coming back to next year!  I was thinking, if I can work it out, I will hit all three schools within a three day weekend. I would have never have believed just how big college baseball was in the state of Mississippi had I not shown up and seen it for myself.  The crowds were awesome, the fans very knowledgeable, and the hospitality will be hard to top!

Well it is Mothers Day, I called my mom and talked to her. I hope everyone else who could call their mothers like I did! I am sitting at Starbucks in Little Rock, Arkansas after going to a game in Memphis, Tennessee earlier in the day.  I am feeling a little tired even though I slept well last night. Sitting in the hot and humid weather today will do that to you.  I am not complaining!  But, this is it for today!  I will explain what I did at the game today in tomorrows post!

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2 thoughts on “Day 86 “Mississippi College Baseball”

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  2. Thanks John and you’ve given me a new perspective as to what college baseball is all about. Will you be hitting the College World Series in Nebraska? Talk soon. Paul.

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