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Day 92 “Smelling the Roses!”

Willie the K-State Wildcat!
Willie the K-State Wildcat!

Last night I got to see the Texas Longhorn pitchers combine for a no hitter against Kansas State. The TL offense clobbered the Wildcats as they had 19 base hits while scoring 12 runs. I met a great couple last night, both of which are PhD candidates at K-State, I never asked for their names but we talk about a full range of subjects other than baseball. I appreciated that they let me go on and on about some of my political ideas and beliefs. I haven’t gotten into all of that on the trip with others, and I really don’t want to. I just want to focus on baseball but on occasion it is nice to discuss worldly events with highly educated and intelligent individuals.

So, I stopped and “smelled the roses” today! As I drove over to Kansas City from Manhattan, Kansas I stopped in a small town that had all kinds of antique shops. I collect a few things, old baseball related items and turn of last century ceramic beer bottles. I enjoyed just browsing the shops, but I didn’t find anything. However, the day was beautiful and real peaceful.  When I got into Kansas City I went to 18th and Vine historic district and took in the Negro League Hall of Fame. I loved it since I am in the middle of a historical baseball book regarding the integration of the Birmingham Barons of 1964.

I attended the Royals game tonight and I had a great time at a great venue! I met the Kansas City Super Fan, Chris! I hope to profile him a little more tomorrow, he has a great story! That is all for today. I have a three hour drive to St. Louis and the game is a 1:15 pm start tomorrow; and, I want to get into town, get some good rest and get up a little early, so I can write before the game.

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  1. Tommorow you will be making Beth very happy in St Louis, but only if the Cardinals win so don’t make her too happy lol. Go Brewers. But St Louis is a great baseball town.

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