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Day 95 “Recharged…”

Derek Jeter crowding my selfie...
Derek Jeter crowding my selfie…

Wow! These days are getting away from me! I lost an hour since I came back into the Eastern Time Zone! That kills me, I needed to get up early since I wanted to go to tour Louisville Slugger wooden bat plant and check out their museum. I needed to be in Lexington for a 7:05 pm game, which was no problem.

I made it to the tour of the factory, to the museum and to Lexington with no issues. Since I usually blog about the day before which was actually Day 95 and today is Day 96. I screwed up yesterday talking about the great experience I had at Bosse Field in Evansville. Today I wanted to do a couple of things after I got to Lexington. Of course I wanted to blog about the KC Super Fan Chris who has a fun story. I wanted to listen to an old radio broadcast of a regular season game between the Chicago Cubs and the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1957. I accomplished one of the two things before I went to tonight’s game!

I listened to the game and kept book of the game from 1957.  I had a great time on the tour at Louisville Slugger with all the history, nostalgia and just coming from Bosse Field I was on this historical high. I “needed” to “geek the game” from 1957.  It was so cool listening to the game being called by Vin Scully from 57 years ago (he only called the first three innings).  I want to save some of the details for another blog post, but the broadcast was so crisp and clear, it felt like it was yesterday.  I loved all the old commercials and I definitely will be doing it again.  It was also a lot of fun because I didn’t know who was going to win.  I was thoroughly entertained. I know it sounds goofy and people wonder what is the point but it is just like replaying an old movie.  Keeping book helped me really stay focused on the game.

That is a BIG bat!
That is a BIG bat!

I have been thinking about doing the “old game thing” since I learned how to keep score and I have actually gotten my system down pretty good. I need to figure out the pitchers, but it is coming along. When I searched the web for old radio broadcasts I found a few sites that have them, but they only had a few games, I hope that the MLB has a lot of the old games archived somewhere. As far as the Louisville Slugger tour went, I highly recommend it for all baseball fans! I understand woodworking since I worked in that industry for quite awhile, so I knew what to expect. Even though, I still had fun watching the bats being made and going through the museum.

I am going to end it here, I am way late at getting this posted.  I have been trying to stop and smell the roses more, since it has been suggested to me.  I think I hit a few rough patches since I was lonely and was missing my daughter, but I have worked through that. I will be back in Wisconsin at the end of the month, so that will help me get recharged! I would rather be doing this any day of the week than actually having to go to work, so I am not complaining in the least bit!

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2 thoughts on “Day 95 “Recharged…”

  1. Steve Enters; 4e-5o:
    Hi John ; by your description Eau Claire (and possibly Madison Muskies on E. Washington in Madison) May have the most character of any ballpark in Wisconsin. On vacation New Orleans, talk about history, literary great Tennessee Williams home just down the street. And I’ll seek out a historical ballpark venue while here.

  2. John. Wonderful writing as always and yes I would trade your experience from my job. Ive also told my department manager about you and he’s a big baseball fan who has checked you out here as well. Well got to get to work and you enjoy your day. I know it will be a lot more fun, whatever happens. Take care. Paul.

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