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Day 98 “Let the stars align!”

April28th 1075I have been scrambling a lot lately with getting my daily blog post out and today is no exception.  I had a lot of maintenance work to do on the website which that took a few hours. I needed to organized an interview at the game tonight with a local television station in Charlotte. I was suppose to be on the stadium pre-game show but something got screwed up and that didn’t happen.  Anyway, here I sit trying to get it done last minute, my saving grace is that it is Memorial Day weekend and most of my loyal followers will be doing something much more interesting than reading my blog!

I have been sleeping a lot in my car lately since I have found that it is a lot easier everyday than checking into a hotel.  Tonight I was going to stay at a hotel so I could get a shower, but there is some kind of race happening in the Charlotte area. The hotels are full and the prices are high. I usually try and avoid staying at a hotel on a weekend night anyway, but I really needed a shower before the interview today.  I got creative and went to a Planet Fitness. I explained my situation to the lady working the front desk, she graciously let me shower and shave at her facility!  So tonight I saved some money and got clean!  I was thinking how I have adapted to being on the road, I find it rather liberating.  Besides missing my daughter and wanting to see her, I really have adjusted very well. There are times I wish I could just go to my own place but overall it isn’t as bad as one may think.

During the interview at the game today, I was asked how I spend my days. I pointed out that I am basically on the go from the time I get up until the time I go to bed.  I have said in the past that I have hit a wall, this comes and goes, I guess if I didn’t have to write everyday it would be easier but then I think what is the point.  Part of the reason I write everyday is to keep me focused. I have always said I have no expectations of this trip and at the end of it I don’t know what I will end up doing, but deep down I want to continue with something in baseball. I have learned so much and it would be a shame to waste it.

A guy I met, and only talked to for maybe five minutes, at the Nashville Sounds game a couple of nights ago gave me a lead on something. I checked it out and joined today. It is right up my alley with all the historical stuff I love.  His name is Al and it is chance meetings like that, which gets me excited. Al is following me on Facebook and has suggested another lead, which I am looking into. (I will tell you what it is once I look into it further)  I think eventually something will come up.  I feel that I am putting myself in the right position and have found my passion. I literally have nothing but some stuff at my sisters place, some in my ex-wife’s storage locker and I am completely happy living life out on the road.  Some of you will say, yeah but you get lonely. Well I got lonely when I had my own place, also.  It passes, I have slowed down a bit and have tried to smell the roses more often. I will continue to request suggestions of how I can capitalize on the experience I have gained. If you have a lead or someone I should talk to, don’t hesitate to let me know!

Well it is getting late, need to get this posted!  I can’t wait until the stars align and I can do the profile on Chris the KC Super Fan!  Let me give a little teaser, he has done something for 10 straight years, a very impressive feat.  That is all I will say!

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  1. I don’t know how, but I believe you will succeed and be rewarded for this experience Baseball Buddha!

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