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Day 100 “Wow! Day Fricken 100”

Noah &  Lonnie  from Day 1!
Noah & Lonnie from Day 1!

I made it to Day 100!  Wow, out on the road for 100 days! I still have a lot of days to go, but I am excited by the fact I made it this far!  I will be going to game 108 tonight in Cincinnati, next over to Fort Wayne, IN; then, moving onto Chicago for a White Sox game.  I will be in my home state to throw out the first pitch at a Madison Mallards game on Wednesday! It has been a great trip so far. I have added to my schedule so please check it out, click here.  I will be in Ashland, Wisconsin to watch the first game of the WIAA playoffs as the Oredockers run the table for their first State Baseball Championship. It will happen! I hope to see everyone at the ball field for that game, very excited to see my nephew play and the rest of the boys that I have watched the last few years.

I was in Hickory, North Carolina last night and drove seven hours north today to see the Cincinnati Reds take on the St. Louis Cardinals.  I don’t feel like writing too much today as I have been working on little things with the website the last couple of hours. I want to get over to see the Reds Hall of Fame before I go to the game tonight.  If you haven’t read my post from yesterday, please take the time to do it today.  Chris, the KC Super Fan, is an awesome guy and I want to give him  the respect that he deserves.  It took me over a week to write it up, so I will wait a couple of days before I replace it on the site!

I have been thinking a lot lately about how I can capitalize on this experience. I have seen a lot and would love to do something within baseball when I am done with this trip.  However, I just want to point out, that was never my intent. I have lots of time to think when I am driving so my mind does go there, please don’t think that is my only reason I have done this.

My buddy Jared and his wife Kelly and daughter Jordyn in Arizona!
My buddy Jared and his wife Kelly and daughter Jordyn in Arizona!

I wanted to see this great country of ours, wanting to meet all kinds of wonderful personalities that are passionate about baseball. I wanted to write and express what I have been a part of. My plan is unfolding and I’m doing exactly that. I am very appreciative of all who have supported me. I am utterly blown away by your generosity. I can’t wait to support all of you as you go out on your life adventures; be it something small or something huge, it excites me that you want to do want makes you happy!

Have a great day! I hope everyone takes a moment tomorrow to contemplate all the people that have given their lives to protect all the freedoms we have. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to chase this game all over the country!

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  1. John As I have told you, I and a lot of others are envious of what you get to do both as a fan and a possible career opportunity. I have searched and searched for 23 years for an opportunity like the one you walked into this summer. But you are prepared and go forward each day even though you don’t know what’s going to happen. You are living the dream man. Take care. Paul. And I will continue to be by your side as much as I can. Im a fly lol 🙂

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