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Day 101 “Trivia!”

Great view, check out the ferry on the river!  This is from my seat at Great American Ball Park!
Great view, check out the ferry on the river! This is from my seat at Great American Ball Park!

This will be short and quick!  Started my day near Cincinnati, drove to Fort Wayne, then to Chicago, and now I have just pulled into Milwaukee! Saw Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati last night, it was a sold out crowd, St. Louis was in town. Adam Wainwright was impressive for the Cardinals and they beat the Reds 4-0.  Today I saw the Fort Wayne TinCaps beat the Dayton Dragons, 14-9. Tomorrow, on schedule to see the Chicago White Sox play but I am changing that game. I will most likely see the Milwaukee Brewers play at Miller Park; but, I would not decide until the last moment, there might be a high school I will want to catch.

I had every intention of spending the night in Chicago, go to the White Sox game and then come to Wisconsin the day after. I even went to one of my favorite places for sushi on Clarke near Wrigley Field.  When I finished eating I thought screw it, I’m going home, except I don’t have a place to go home to.  So, I just pulled into a Wal-Mart parking lot for the night.  My daughter and I are going to hang out some tomorrow, hopefully find her a summer job!  We plan on going to the Lakeshore Chinooks game on Thursday night, hopefully she won’t be sick of me by then!

I have all these ideas about promotions I would run if I was in charge of a ball club, my daydreams have gotten out of control!  I love thinking about how I would do things differently.  I do like some things I saw today at the Fort Wayne game and I made a mental note of why I thought it worked.  The Fort Wayne team is called the TinCaps, I know it doesn’t make sense until you realize that Johnny Appleseed is their mascot and he wears a tin cap, which is a tin pan.  I thought they were called the TinCups until one nice young lady corrected me after she had a good laugh.

We added a feature to Twitter, Roger will be Tweeting out trivia questions at Noon everyday, then revealing the answer at 5 pm.  I will send the person who correctly tweets the answer first a Baseball Buddha sticker, you can only get one sticker every week. I will send the winners the stickers on Tuesday of the following week, you will have to Direct Message me your address on Twitter.  I drove a lot today and I am extremely tired so I am going to call it a night!

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  1. John Great travels! Anyway when you go to the Lakeshore Chinooks game, and I went to a game there a few years ago a small nice reasonably priced minor league summer collegiate park. A high school friend and mentor of mine Dean Rennicke helps run the team. I can’t remember his exact position off hand but he is very nice and used to be a minor league pitcher in the Dodgers organization 30 years ago before his arm gave out. He worked with the Brewers and at WTMJ also and back at my high school in the day helping with basketball and baseball where he was a great player. Look him up and tell him you know me. That would be so neat if you have time. talk soon and take care. Safe travels and have a great day! Paul once again his name is Dean Rennicke who runs the Lakeshore Chinooks.

    1. 4E-50; Hey you need a place to crash? Terri’s out of town until Friday. Txt me I can give you the garage code. I’ve got Tom’s man cave wide open this week, nbdy home. I know you’ve got a b’day coming up!

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