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Day 111 “Emotional Investment”

Great views at Target Field!
Great views at Target Field!

I went to Target Field in Minneapolis the other night to watch the Brewers and Twins, it was a great experience. I purchased a ticket from a scalper at face value.  It was the second most expensive I have paid for a ticket all year.  I absolutely loved Target Field. I rate it right up there with Petco in San Diego.  The site lines were awesome, the design of the stadium was well thought out, the food was diverse, and the ushers polite.  The energy at the game was electric, I would say it was 50% Brewers and 50% Twins, the Brewers won the game 8-5; but, it was close all the way.

I sat on the Budweiser Deck in left field for the first six innings and then I walked around to get a feel for everything else. I was not disappointed.  The restrooms were well maintained and the concession lines not long, prices were a little high but that is the case at every stadium.  I have complained a lot about how disappointed I have been with the food choices at most of the MLB venues I have been. Target, like Petco, had more “sophisticated” choices other than the standard fare of hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, brats, etc.  I didn’t sample much of it but I was told that Tony Olivia’s Cuban sandwich was superb.

I met some Twins fans that were hard core baseball fans. We talked about what I was doing and where I was going.  I always love running into this type of fan, they put me to shame with their knowledge of the game. I have learned so much and it fascinates me at how people watch a game, what they pay attention to. I get emotionally invested in a few teams, the Brewers, Dodgers, and Oredockers. My objectivity tends to leave me and I will grouse about the umpires, or the managers, decisions.

I love observing the fans and watching the emotional roller coaster that they go on during games. I saw it on full display at the Twins-Brewers game. I got caught up in a little of it on this night.  I kept thinking about my brothers, Chad and Jeff, they always have the game on the TV or radio as they putz around the house. I thought of my Dad as he played cards on the internet with the game on the TV as he would tune in during the crucial moments. My sister Debbie, with her little TV in the kitchen everyone crowds around to watch instead of the big one in the living room.  The emotional investment, and this connection with each other as we root on our team, fascinates me.  This is a powerful bond and I plan on exploring it more in future posts.

I have thought long and hard on why people get so connected to sports teams and I could rattle off many reasons. The community and characters I have come across is so diverse. I love people like KC Super Fan Chris and Front Row Amy, they bring smiles to many people. Then there are the large personality vendors like the lemonade guy I met in Arizona, “lemonade, lemonade, just like grandma made”, is still rolling around my head.

I will leave it at that for today!  I am still in a little bit of a slump, I am currently in Fargo, North Dakota at a Starbucks, of course!

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  1. Like the comments on the city of Minneapolis John just wish the Cheese and Beerheads could wrap themselves around a plan the way the Yeah-der- heys’ have. Been to Hennipen Avenue before and after what a change! My wife goes to the University Hotels for workshops,and the streetcar from the airport makes the city so accessible. Hopefully the new owners of the Bucks, along with the Antennisios’ drown out the Bob Donovan retractors and make ” The little Big city” of Milwaukee more “Forward.” Our motto.

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