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Day 118, 119, 120 “Thanks Chad!”

brewer game
The Baseball Buddha Crew!
Dave and Chad!
Dave and Chad!
Teri, Steve and Tom! Great family that is always there to encourage and support!

The last few days have been very busy!  I was in the Milwaukee area and went to a couple of Brewers games.  I stayed by my brothers Chad’s house, who graciously replaced my timing belt and water pump on my car with the help and expertise of Roger Lindsey.  As they were tackling this project on Friday night, I was attending the Brewers game with Mike Bruno, his wife and their son.  Mike and I were interviewed by WISN Channel 12 at the game regarding the journey which is suppose to air on Thursday.  Mike’s company, Bruno Independent Living Aids, and my brother Chad’s family donated quite a bit of money so I could do this trip. Without their support I would not have gotten this far.

the girls
What’s so funny?

What continues to amaze me is Chad’s unwavering support.  He is the type a guy everyone needs on their side. He has always gone the extra mile for his family and friends.  He has never expected anything in return. His love and commitment to others blows me away.

From Friday's game!  An "old" friend...  Scott, she needs you to run to Walgreens!
From Friday’s game! An “old” friend… Scott, she needs you to run to Walgreens!

Chad organized a Brewer outing for me on Saturday. He had t-shirts made up for everyone, got the tickets, he worked with my sister, Meg, to organize the food, got to Miller Park to get it all set up.  He did all this after he finished working on my car until 1 a.m. Friday night and then got up early to finish with Roger Lindsey.

Sami, Me and my Dad!
Sami, Me and my Dad!

I had an excellent time at the Brewers game with everyone that showed up. Stacy, from Day 75 “Bill Murray and Ashland! was also at the game!  She saw my brother wearing a Baseball Buddha shirt. She inquired to where we were and came over to say hi. That was a very nice surprise, but I forgot to get a picture of her and her husband.

Hannah and Me doing a selfie!
Hannah and Me doing a selfie!

I am going to post some of the pictures I took at the game and leave it at that.  I am extremely tired as I was out very late with some other friends after the game. I got up early to get to Chicago for an afternoon White Sox game.  Needless to say my writing has suffered, I will get back at it tomorrow.

To my entire family, I love you very much. I am truly blessed to have your support, thank you. I don’t know what I would do with out all of you.  I have a great story I want to write about Terry Stake of Wisconsin Rapids. I finished reading his book so I am excited to write a profile on him.

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  1. Beautiful family John, and Im glad you got some time to get together with your busy year with baseball and you were able to combine both on Fathers Day

  2. hey,YOU have one GREAT family… they have your back….gee that sami is cute…and your dad isn’t bad either….take care from eau claire

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