Day 121 “Checking in!”

tigerstadiumI am sitting in Hockeytown restaurant in Detriot, Michigan.  The weather outside is what I love, hot and humid.  I still feel tired from the last few days, but I figure I will be able to catch up on my sleep and my writing will get back on track over the next few days.  I am super excited to attend the College World Series on Friday in Omaha. I think I will be able to bring a unique perspective of what happens behind the scenes! I am watching the Texas vs Louisville game right now and I want the Longhorns in this one.  I want to see Adam and Anthony, if Texas doesn’t get eliminated.  There are four teams in CWS that I saw this year, Texas, TCU, Ole Miss and Oklahoma State. So those are the teams I am rooting for but I picked UC-Irvine to win it all.

I am heading to a Tigers game against the Kansas City Royals tonight. I have watched the Royals quite a bit this year so they might become my American League team… but Rob Dwyer might get on me for rooting for three teams!



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