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Day 125 “College World Series”

Look a Dodger fan at the College World Series!
Look a Dodger fan at the College World Series!

I am sitting in the Press Box at the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska right now!  I just had a follow up interview with Adam and Anthony from Austin, Texas down on the field, it feels great to be here.   I drove up from St. Joseph, Missouri yesterday just in time to watch the Ole Miss victory over TCU.  I am not going to write about a lot today but tomorrow I will give you an overview of what I saw, heard and experienced.

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  1. a young 15 year old friend of mine online. His name is James. Masin and he lives in Nebraska and is at the College World Series. Beth and I know him well and it would be heat if you could hook up with him sometime. James is a great young fan.

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