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Day 130 “Let me clarify…”

dadsammeI have been interviewed quite a bit lately, Milwaukee, Austin, and two Omaha stations.  I will admit that I do like the attention. I think that is normal; however, I don’t really like doing the interviews.  I am getting better at talking and being in front of the camera. I still need to control my gesturing but hey, I am not a pro.  Since it is me and people tend to judge their “insides” to everyone else’s “outsides”, I really don’t know how I am coming off to others.  I know that I feel like I am talking quite fast and I am not relaxed, it has gotten better the last few interviews.

Also, am I the only one that thinks they sound funny and that their profile and head is shaped weird?  Seriously, ever time I see myself on TV I think I have a weird looking head, I need a haircut and that my gut seems to be getting bigger. OR, am I just being neurotic.  (I am laughing at myself right now about the odd insecurities I have)

The news tends to focus on one aspect of the story regarding my Dad, the emotional part of it, the part that grabs the viewer. I understand, I try to do that with my headlines everyday so you will click and read my blog post.  I think the part that gets lost in all of this is that it is not just about baseball, I admit I love the game and have enjoyed going to all the games; but more importantly, it is the freedom I feel, how less stressful my life is at the moment, how easy it is to do because I have passion for it.  Some people have said I have inspired them, I get inspired by a lot of my friends when I read their Facebook posts and see the changes that are taking place in their lives, people that have decided to take control and do the things that make them healthier and happier.  They didn’t have to quit their job, live out of their car and get interviewed to do it.

I have a fun story, I understand why the news thinks it is worthwhile to cover it.  I also know that you don’t have to go to the extreme that I have to find peace and contentment. One news outlet touched on an aspect that I love about this whole thing and that is the living on the fringe.  I am living off the grid and doing something out of the society norm.  That is me and always has been me. I love the abnormal. It is being true to my authentic self when I just try and be who I am, instead of trying to fit into what I think society wants. I think more people want to do this and are really testing the boundaries, especially with all the extreme sports and different competitions like Tough Mudder that we have now.

I liked the line Trey Daerr used in the interview I did with WISN, he said, “He has given up everything, so he regrets nothing.”  I like it because it hammer homes to me how short life is. If I don’t start acting on the things I have always wanted to do, it will pass me by.  I am grateful that I have had all this support and attention; but more importantly, that I have been given the opportunity. I don’t know what I will end up doing for a living when this is all over. Should I find a way to continue, that would be great. If it is just for this year, that works, too.  I would love to work in baseball doing something. I enjoy so many aspects of the profession. What makes me laugh is that the only time in my life I really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up was when I was a kid.  I wanted to be a baseball player. Such a silly thing, when you are an adult, to be. Society told me to grow up and believe me, I have tried. I really tried. But I always had this discontentment within me.  My brother Chad brings this up all the time. He reminds me that I have always been a little off in a good way. That I always wanted to build and do my own thing. I think it is human nature to want things and to build a life you want.

Sorry I went on my little rant there. What precipitated all of it was an email I got from someone who saw an interview I did that aired last night in Omaha.  It wasn’t very nice and I was surprised the person took the time to write to me. I wasn’t even upset about it. Even though, what bothered me was he missed the point of why I am doing what I am doing. When I say that I am living a dream that a lot of people would love to do, I mean that figuratively. Some of you might want to travel the world and see the best opera singers in their home countries, etc.

I was going to write about the grounds crew experience I had with the Omaha Storm Chasers, I will get to that hopefully tomorrow.  Another story I have is about the play by play announcer with the Clinton LumberKings.  So many experiences that I have been exposed to, to learn about and see firsthand that the average fan doesn’t. I hope I am able to share enough about them that you find them interesting.

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9 thoughts on “Day 130 “Let me clarify…”

  1. Don’t dwell on the negativity of others! Be yourself, be happy! You have so many people who care about you & wish you nothing but the best! & your head isn’t big & neither is your gut!

    1. Thanks Heidi!

  2. John, i have followed you all the way…have been entertained by you…and yes,
    jealous of you because you’re doing what you wanted to do, INSTEAD OF just
    talking about it, like most folks. ed m.

    1. Thanks Ed!

    2. Thanks Mom!

  3. hey, your good looking like your daughter and mother haha. love your stories, please keep writing, and please keep the good feeling going. take care from eau claire

  4. I noticed recently someone said you should appear on theLate Night or Mike and Mike type sports shows. Those shows are usually more for the stars and you’re still learning and adapting, but doing a great job John. KEEP IT UP!

    1. Thanks for consistently reading and supporting me Paul!

      1. Your welcome John. Sometimes I say better things than other times, but you are living a dream for me and some others so I always want to support you buddy!

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