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Day 131 “Keeping it short!”

Made you look!
Made you look!

I was in Geneva, Illinois yesterday and went to a Kane County Cougars game against the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.  Since I was close to Milwaukee, I decided to go stay by my brother Chads for the night (also wanted to watch the final game of the College World Series) and then get my haircut in the morning by Roselle (she is so famous that she only goes by her first name).  Roselle came into the salon early to take care of me, very much appreciated. She truly is one of the best stylists in Milwaukee and she is very accommodating to her clients.  She has been cutting my hair for free while I have been on this journey.

After my “Roselle” haircut, I picked up my daughter so we could get breakfast and spend a little time together before I had to get on the road to Gary, Indiana.  I always enjoy my daughter, she has a great sense of humor.  I drove down through Chicago, ran into a ton of traffic but got to the game on time.  It is now after 11 pm and I am trying to get this post out.  I have a couple of great stories I want to write, hopefully I will get one completed tomorrow. I will be in Joliet, Illinois for a game tomorrow night but I want to go to a bat company in Indiana in the morning before I find a Starbucks to write.  That’s it for today!

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6 thoughts on “Day 131 “Keeping it short!”

  1. Thanks for the shout out john😊 , have fun with the second half of you adventure. I can’t wait to read your book and see the movie ⚾️

    1. Thanks Roselle! You are awesome!

  2. Just so much fun keeping up with you on the road. Kyle had good night at Rancho.
    Know you enjoyed visiting with daughter. Raining still in good old Mississippi.

    1. Thanks Kay! I am keeping an eye on him!

  3. Meeting up with your girlfriends again lol John

    1. I wish 🙂

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