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Day 142 “Missed a day!”

I was informed by my brother, Chad, that I missed a day. I actually knew I did and didn’t have time to do it. I wanted to see if anyone would notice.  I have been at this a long time. Of course my brother noticed. He is the guy that makes sure that I am doing well and that I am not living under a bridge curled up in the fetal position crying, asking, “what have I done”.  He is the guy that reminds me that if I don’t finish this journey that I basically won’t accomplish anything besides a few good stories.  Also, Chad assures me that if I run out of money before the end, that we will come up with some.  He critiques my posts and sometimes he is tactfully critical. Other times, hugely supportive. And, I know when he loves a post.  Chad means a lot to me, as does all of my family, of course; but, he is the guy that immediately fell in love with the idea, got behind me and he put his money where his mouth is. That is the type of person he is.  Some people view him as temperamental, arrogant, and ass-like at times.  But these same people will also be the ones that know when they need someone, or something done, Chad is the one who will be there for them.

Chad owns his own business. He has worked hard to develop a reputation of someone that will get the job done. He has guys that work for him that have been very loyal to him and he to them. It is not a glamorous business to be in, the profession itself is demeaning at times; but, that doesn’t affect Chad. His work and reputation is second to no one.  When I needed a job during a low point in my life, he was there. He overpaid me for my experience.  When I say Chad loves his family, it runs very deep.  I know that if I need something when this journey is over, I can count on my brother.  It is a comfort and a joy to have a brother like him.  If you only met him once and walked away not liking him, he is the wrong person to associate the old adage with – believing your first impression.  Chad is a great example of a guy that has always done the right thing. I know he is living vicariously through me which motivates me and keeps me going on those lonely nights during my long drives.

I am sure that he will want to comment on this post. He will be critical, or disagree, of my portrayal of him. He will want to point out that he has changed a lot.  He is not at all as temperamental as he used to be. The great thing about Chad is that he can and will laugh at himself.  So, I missed a day. I have struggled and my brother was there to point it out, to encourage me to dig a little deeper, to not swear in my posts. He believes that this whole thing might become bigger than it currently is. He likes the attention I am getting, but he will be there if I fall down.  I love you, Chad, and thank you for believing in me – it means more than you will ever know.

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