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Day 146, 147, 148 “Slacker…”

I am running so far behind in my posts, I haven’t had time to write much of anything.  I have started some stories but I am running out of time.  I will try and get something out tomorrow.  I will be attending the All Star game in Minneapolis, yesterday I went to a game in Lexington, Illinois and met some great people. I was in Dayton, Ohio prior to yesterdays game.  I went to Milwaukee right after the game in Lexington, ate dinner with a friend and then met my daughter and her mother as they ate, afterwards my daughter and I watched a movie, this morning I went to breakfast with Sami and then drove to Eau Claire, cleaned out my car at my parents, went to an American Legion game with my dad, did my laundry and now it is 10:30pm.

I am just trying to take a deep breathe before I head out west, my brother Chad is driving up to go to the game with me tomorrow.  I am learning that I am not superman.  I have found so many great stories I haven’t been able to write about, I plan on getting to them but time has been at a premium.  I know I am making excuses and it hasn’t been fair to all the wonderful people I have met, I feel like I have been really streaky lately with my writing.  Some days I have been really on and then others way off.  But then again I am learning so much of what I am capable of, my goal tomorrow is to get at least a short story written before I go to the All Star game.  Enough of this rambling!  Thanks for your patience!

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