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Days 154 & 155 “Lots of interviews”

A marriage proposal!
A marriage proposal!

The last few days have been extremely busy for me and I haven’t been able to get anything posted!  I was in Casper, Wyoming for a college summer league game where I met Aaron and April McCreight the owners of the Cutthroats who are doing a fantastic job operating their team in the Mountain Collegiate Baseball League. The league is a fledgling summer collegiate baseball league which currently has four teams, two in Colorado and two in Wyoming. Next year, the hope is to expand to six teams.   The Cutthroats had a great crowd and I loved the small town atmosphere. Aaron and April were running around all night making sure everything was being done, while taking care of their young twin boys, also. Before the game started, the manager of the Cutthroats proposed to his girlfriend after she threw out the first pitch!  You don’t get any more small town than that and I am happy to report that she said, “Yes!”  The game went into extra innings, but the Cutthroats prevailed.  Before the game, I was interviewed by the local news station. I have become very comfortable doing these; even though, hopefully not too comfortable as I am keeping all in perspective. As much as I am enjoying my 15 minutes of fame, I realize it is only momentary.

Cutthroats signing autographs after the game!  Very Cool!
Cutthroats signing autographs after the game! Very Cool!

After I left the game I began driving towards Billings and I was awestruck at the beauty of the stars in the night. There was no moon but the sky was gorgeous. I actually pulled over about an hour into the drive and laid on top of my trunk gazing up at the stars. What was odd is that I was on an interstate highway and I didn’t see any traffic for 15 minutes!  It was a very quiet, peaceful night and I was literally in the middle of no where. I felt at peace in the vulnerability of it all.

The rigors of rookie ball in the States!
The rigors of rookie ball in the States!

Yesterday, I was in Billings, Montana to watch a doubleheader between Medicine Hat Moose Monarchs of Alberta and the Billings Scarlets.  I was tired and I watched both games without talking to many people.  I was interviewed in Billings by the local newspaper reporter Mike Ferguson, who I think did a fantastic job. I posted the article on the Facebook page.  I also want to point out, that Billings has a player that was very impressive and I hope he gets a look by some colleges or pro scouts.  Today I was interviewed in Helena, Montana. While here, I am going to see a Helena Brewers rookie ball game and as I was finishing up my interview, I observed some of the Latin America players taking an English course.  I want to thank everyone for all the nice compliments regarding the last couple of posts.  I wish I had the talent to be able to produce those everyday.

I spent about five hours today figuring out my schedule through the end of August. I am excited to say that I should be able to get to a game in every state which will include the Little League World Series for a day and the championship game of the American Legion World Series.  Now I have to figure out how to get tickets!  My worry now is the month of September and getting to a game everyday.

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