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Day 161 “Maybe a TED talk…”

Today I am sitting in an Outback Steakhouse in Salem, Oregon, I have been running around since I got up.  Before arriving in Salem, while just north of Portland, I went to Planet Fitness so I could take a shower, then ‘laundry’. Once all finished, I drove down to Salem through Portland, the traffic is terrible out here! The game doesn’t start until 6:30 p.m. Yesterday, I wrote about what happened yesterday. I admit that I have not written very many good stories lately; and, to be honest, I haven’t felt like writing.  What I want to do is sleep all day long, just lounge around without worrying about getting to a game or writing a post. I am approaching six months out on the road, I have figured out how much more it will cost me to finish the trip. All in all, I think I will be able to accomplish my goal. I am blown away at the fact that I have gone to a baseball game every day since February 25. People I met three or four months ago will email me and it hits me – I haven’t missed a day since then. This entire trip!

I have gone back and read some of my first posts and I am impressed at how my writing has developed.  I read a book once that said that you need to just write everyday, doesn’t matter what you write about, but just to do it.  I have noticed if I let my stream of thought just flow, I am able to express myself much better. My train of thought doesn’t seem forced.  Also, I have been able to construct stories much better. It is easier to figure out what is important to state and where you let a reader’s mind figure out things.  I have been listening to a lot of “books on tape” (they’re on CD) as I drive. The authors are typically the ones that read their own work. As I am listening, I am beginning to see where they could have added to or subtracted from a story to explain it.  Almost all the books I have listened to have been baseball related, which I am listening to “What the Dog Saw”, by Malcolm Gladwell, currently.  What I love about him is how he constructs and interjects himself into his essays. I have learned so much from his writing; as well as, when I listen to him read these stories to me.

When I started this trip I had all these great ideas of what I wanted to accomplish everyday. I wanted to take tons of pictures, film different aspects of the ballparks, tweet out all the mascots, and other subject matter.  What I have learned is that I would need a team of three to be able to do this daily; and, I am but one person. I have been pushing myself to the limit just trying to attend the games everyday and write a story. I am motivated, extremely motivated. I have been told to dig deep and I’m digging as deep as I can.  I love showing up to the games, watching all that is happening, seeing all the interactions, taking notes, discussing strategy, contemplating how this relates to life and figuring out what is interesting.

I have been asked numerous times what I wanted to do after this is over and the only thing would be to do a “TED talk”, that is it. I love those fifteen minute ideas.  “TED talk” tagline is, “Ideas worth spreading.” I have said to myself that no one would want to listen to my idea and I have questioned if it is even worth spreading. Even though, I also have realized that I said the same thing about doing this trip and about my blog. I have inspired and have been inspired daily. Motivation is not one grand idea; but, many small ideas that energize people to act and in my realization, there is not a specific “someone” I know, but many people that come to mind. Baseball is my vehicle and I am passionate about the game. I love how the sport is part of the history of America. I am intrigued by the people who get so wrapped up in the outcome of a game and the players who play.  Baseball just a game with so many layers, like myself; and, the people I know.

I have stated that this trip is more than just baseball. I have said, “I will be as honest and forthright as I can.” I occasionally will get lost in my thoughts, writing about the game and how I am feeling.  I am exploring the country, baseball and my motivations.  To all the people who tune in for the baseball stories, I apologize that I haven’t been able to write one consistently lately.  I am going to a minor league short season Single-A game tonight. Looking at the time, need to head to the stadium!

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