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Day 168 & 169 “I have no game!”

I woke up quite late today!  Actually it feels really good, I could probably sleep for a week straight.  It feels like I have been driving all day for the last week.  I was in Boise, Idaho, yesterday and Klamath Falls, Oregon, the day before, I watched two great games!  Yesterday, I am happy to report I got two foul balls; however, I gave both of them away.  The first ball was in perfect condition and I really wanted to keep it but I was feeling a little goofy after I chased it down. I was the only one who went after it since it was near me.  I saw some people looking at me and one was a kid with a baseball glove, so I threw it to him which made him really happy.  The adults gave me a thumbs up. I admit I did it to make myself look good, just being honest. I wanted to keep that ball!

The second ball was scuffed up over the league name. I would have kept it, but there was a guy who was with two women, he had a baseball glove on, I always find adult males with gloves on at games kind of peculiar. I understand wanting to get a ball, but I  want to have a little couth  in the process. Wearing a glove, is not a cool look to me. I used a glove once in Houston,  I saw the stares and heard the snickers, the glove has been in the trunk ever since.  Anyway, after I chased the ball down the guy showed me his glove as if wanting me to throw it to him. He was about 20 feet away in the bleachers and he had a look of, “Dude please, I am 28 and have never gotten a ball at a game” look on his face. So, I threw it to him.  He was surprised, the two very attractive women he was with thanked me. One kept smiling at me. I looked behind me to make sure her smile was directed at me before I smiled back.

As the game progressed I kept thinking about her. She looked back at me a couple more times, I smiled.  She had to be 30 years old, tops. So, of course, I did what I always do when I think a younger woman is attracted to me, I figured out if she is closer to my daughters age, or to mine. I then proceed to think about every age related scenario I could imagine if I were to date or marry this woman. How old would I be when our kids graduated high school, so on and so forth.  I always end with how old I would be when she is at my current age.  Yeah, I don’t know what is wrong with me.  When the game ended, I was walking through the parking lot. I saw her getting into a nice SUV, she saw me and smiled again. I smiled back and had an urge to ask her if she wanted to get a cup of coffee; but, thought better of it since I had a four hour drive. Besides, I could never live long term in Boise.

Wow, I am exposing to the world  I have absolutely no “game” whatsoever!  I am sure I will be getting texts from my boys in Florida telling me I am a fool and  to turn in my “man” card. Of course, I will scoff at this notion.  My comeback to them will be I didn’t marry the first girl that looked at me cross eyed, like they did.  My buddy Rob will make a comment about the time he saw I had a Tiffany cassette with the cellophane removed and was played.  Others will finally realize I actually don’t have a secret web page chronicling all my “conquests” and, thus, will quit asking.

Even with the long drives, I am still loving being out on the road and I love meeting all the people I have. I have collected a ton of stories.  I can say I have gained a tremendous amount of confidence in many aspects of things I was unsure about before this trip began. And – I love the attention I have gotten. I am six months into this and I am starting to understand it is a very unique story, since I am the one doing it daily. Even though, I still don’t feel I understand how it is viewed.  The one thing I know for certain is  I will never have any “game”.  Smile at me and I always look behind to see who you are smiling at, that is just me. I have embraced it. What made me laugh the most was the thought I had as I was walking to my car, “I could never live long term in Boise” (I will never be mistaken for Don Draper).

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4 thoughts on “Day 168 & 169 “I have no game!”

  1. Are you getting tired mentally or physically John? The road is a hard place to be for as long as you have even if you love it it’s nice to sleep in your own bed. Hopefully you’re managing ok and watch out for those women sharks lol

  2. There go folks, “How to talk yourself out of getting L*** 101”. Your Man Card is on probation.

    1. Funny Scott!

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