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Days 174 & 175 “Not feeling so good!”

IMG_33241I had to drive from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Lincoln, Nebraska yesterday which was about an eight hour drive.  I left Colorado Springs right after the Sky Sox vs the Storm Chasers game which ended at midnight, Mountain Time.  I mention the time zone since it was 1 a.m. Central Standard Time (CST) in Lincoln, thus I was losing an hour. I drove about two and half hours to the Colorado/Nebraska border, slept at the rest area, got up about 9 a.m. CST and took my time getting to Lincoln. I stopped at a Truck Stop, about two hours from Lincoln, got a bag of popcorn, some fruit and two bottles of water.  I ate the popcorn, followed with the fruit and washing it all down with an entire bottle of water.  Why am I saying all this?  Well, about an hour later I started getting a headache. One of those headaches that you would rather just die than have to deal with it!  Ten minutes later my stomach started churning, I started sweating and could not focus.  I pulled into a rest area about 15 miles outside of the city.

I got out of the car and immediately felt like throwing up. I didn’t want to start “yaking” my guts out in front of all the people that happened to be at this particular rest area.  Rest areas are normally not this busy. I was sweating and I really couldn’t see straight. I walked to a picnic area where no one was and just as I was going to commence vomiting a young girl came into the area. I didn’t want to traumatize her, so I turned and headed towards the back of the restrooms. There was a nice wooded area. Well, that didn’t work. A lady with a dog came over and wanted to chat. I was literally bent over and my face was dripping. It felt like my entire body was going to implode.  I looked at her, put my hand up and headed back towards my car. There was a picnic area that was at the end of the lot that was now vacant. I was going to use it as a shield. I made it to the spot and threw up just a little and thought, “You are panicking just for that?” And, oh my head – was still throbbing. I went back to my car to try and take a nap since I had a couple of hours before I had to be to the game. People were everywhere in this rest area. Frustration overwhelmed me since some were chatting and walking their dogs by my car.

As I sat in my car, I had the urge to throw up again; so, I walked quickly to ‘my spot’. I repeated this about ten times over the next hour and half. I was shocked at the amount of “discharge”.  I needed to get to the game. I was still 15 miles away and the game was going to start.  My head was still throbbing, my stomach was queasy, I was dripping in sweat; but, I wasn’t going to let this break my streak!  I got to the game, walked uneasily to the ticket window. I left my “man bag” and glasses in my car.  I purchased a General Admission ticket and the ticket taker looked at me like I had the Ebola virus. I walked unsteadily to the outfield berm area and laid down, even though people looked and stared. I watched one inning, decided to go and check into a hotel. I broke my rule of not paying more than $70 for a room.  I went to a Holiday Inn Express. The lady who was getting me a room was great. She quickly checked me in and made sure that if I needed anything, I would be covered.  I got to the room and fell asleep for about an hour, got up and took a long shower. I felt a little better. I didn’t watch the entire game but I showed up, I have been very good about staying and watching the entirety of all the games; so, I am counting this one!

huskersI want to mention that I was going to write an article on Donnie Hissa, a rookie in the Brewers organization.  He is from Northern Wisconsin where I grew up. We had a great conversation over breakfast in Idaho Falls where Helena was playing. I hope to get to that tomorrow. Even though I’m not feeling up to par, I had a great time in Colorado Springs. Mike Hobson, Assistant General Manager and Director of Public Relations for the Sky Sox, treated me very well.  I have a great story to write up about how baseballs are stored in the higher altitudes. Mike gave me a tour of the stadium, showed me how they prepare baseballs for the games, etc. Hopefully Tuesday I can knock that out!  I slept most of today away, it felt great!  I am currently sitting in the press box on the campus of the University of Nebraska baseball stadium at a Lincoln Saltdogs game. Memorial Stadium, where the football team plays, has a big presence in the background.

Also, I need to say thank you to Jim Stingl, of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, along with Steve Matthies, of the Klamath Falls Herald and News for the great articles they wrote about my adventure.  My website and blog are blowing up with all the hits those articles generated. I posted both articles on my Baseball Buddha Facebook Page and Tweeted the links out.

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3 thoughts on “Days 174 & 175 “Not feeling so good!”

  1. Great John glad to hear!

  2. I hope you are feeling better John, and Im glad it didn’t turn out to be a situation more than queasiness, especially when you are out on your own mostly that’s kind of scary and you are taking this trip by yourself mostly though you meet many people. That was nice of the lady at the Holiday Inn Express to take care of you, though it sounded like an ad I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. Sorry John lol I had to throw that in there though I’ve stayed at one too and they are very nice. Take care John as you start to head into the home stretch of your journey. Talk soon John. Paul. Also I am enjoying my vacation in Wisconsin and beautiful weather. Clayton Kershaw pitched a great game for your Dodgers against our Brewers lol you didn’t lose! See you soon.

    1. Feeling better Paul!

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