Days 186, 187, 188, 189 “Lost Days and Pictures…”

A Little League welcome!
A Little League welcome!


I think I lost a few days on this trip, seriously!  I blogged about day 185 yesterday, however today is Day 190 of this trip and I should be talking about today, tomorrow when it is Day 191, do you follow.  Anyway, I had a great day today, I only had to drive an hour to Williamsport from the Rest Area I made it to after I left New Jersey.

I am extremely tired however, it was a long day walking around the Little League complex, there was over 20,000 fans at the two games.  I took a lot of pictures and a couple of videos, I think I will post pictures and a video and call it a day.  I changed my schedule for tomorrow so I can stay another day in Williamsport.

I am also going to post a few videos.  Thanks for your understanding, the videos are pretty cool so take the time to watch both of them that are on the bottom of the page.











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