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Day 192 “Baseball and Happiness”

New Hampshire Fisher Cats!
New Hampshire Fisher Cats!

I’m sitting in another Press Box after driving two hours last night after the game in Delaware; and, driving 4 1/2 hours today. I am extremely happy to report that I have a short drive tomorrow, less than an hour I think!  I need to do my laundry and, also, I can sleep in and not be rushed to get moving.  I am still hitting the wall with my concentrated effort to write. The MLB season will be ending in exactly one month and it’s hard for me to believe that the season is almost over. I have scheduled games through the end of the season.  Obviously the last month will be all MLB games since the Minor League baseball season ends at the beginning of September. The Minor Leagues will have their playoffs and then you begin to hear about all the September call-ups to the Majors. To make the schedule work, I will occasionally be doubling up on games in the different cities. This gives me time to rest between long drives and helps me avoid hitting the “wall” every other day.

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I am happy to report that I am not at all sick of going to baseball games; or, baseball in general.  There is just something that I thoroughly enjoy about being at the ball park. I could use about three days of sleep when the season ends, getting back to Badger CrossFit to get back into shape; and, then start this all over again.  I would love to put a website together that had short video vignettes of the little things that get overlooked at the ball parks. Tonight, I’m at the New Hampshire Fisher Cat game and they have a dog name Ollie that retrieves the bats of the players. I Tweeted a newspaper article out about him.  There are so many great ‘behind the scenes’ stories I have collected that I haven’t had time to write up that could be added to the site.  You are probably wondering why I am bringing this up and why I didn’t do all this? Well, being on the road and at a game every day, you just run out of time.  I had a lot of ambition when this first started this trek; but, realized quickly that time is at a premium.  I have had others reach out to me; so, maybe something will come of those ideas when the season is over. I know that going to a game in all 48 continental states, the 30 MLB parks and a game a day was ambitious.  However, that was always my goal. I am very excited that I will be accomplishing one set goal in the next few days.  Next year I could see it being more business like, taking more time to write up stories and producing cool two minute video spots. After looking over this past spring and summer, I would continue to travel around the states; but, not a game a day. I would stay in an area longer, reporting with a small syndicated column; but, keeping it authentic.  Yeah, yeah I will need to get some sponsors and money. Even though, if you don’t start dreaming and formulating ideas then nothing happens later.

That is all for today, I just finished doing a radio interview. I feel very comfortable talking on ‘live’ radio now compared to earlier in my journey. I have found my ‘comfort zone’ in telling the overall story. I figured out want needs to be said and what doesn’t, and in my writing, too.  This trip has evolved as have I.  I have learned a lot about myself and gained a lot of confidence in many things. I have learned when you have a passion for something, getting up in the morning is a lot easier. My biggest realization that I have learned is that ‘I am the only one’ responsible for my happiness. And, I find a lot of happiness in baseball.

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  1. John,
    The Long. And Winding Road by the Beatles should be your song or soundtrack sometimes.What will you do next season when you can’t do this again? You should take a trip to the Caribbean for some warm weather and winter baseball lol. Take care. Paul.

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