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Day 201″Family and Friend Section!”

Nationals Family and Friends Section...
Nationals Family and Friends Section…

I went to see the Washington Nationals the last two days.  I had a great experience on Friday night and this afternoon. I sat in the players’ family and friend section.  I have to thank Pam LePlavy and her sister Mandy Zimmermann for hooking me up with tickets (Mandy is married to Jordan, Pam is part of Oredocker Nation). I had a fun time sitting with a college friend, Anthony Rendon, Nationals third baseman and a friend of Nationals centerfielder, Denard Span.

Racing Presidents at the Nationals game!
Racing Presidents at the Nationals game!

It was interesting to get to talk with both and to hear some behind the scenes stuff; especially, since both Rendon and Span had great nights at the plate, with each being involved in plays that cost the Nationals runs.

I am not going to write too much tonight. It was very hot and humid today, I am worn out and want to get some sleep. I will be at the Yankees game tomorrow. They are retiring Derek Jeter’s number, so I need to get there early to find some decent parking, and hopefully, won’t have to pay too much for a ticket.

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