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Day 214 & 215 “Donkeys…”

It has been a few days since I have written!  I have been all over Florida, well Tampa and Miami.  Also a couple of days in Atlanta, right now sitting in a café in Chicago.  This is the last week of the MLB season, my consecutive game streak will end on Sunday in Milwaukee!  I hope to go to some post season games, we will see how much money I have left.  After today I will be in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, back to Chicago and the last two days in Brew City!

Me, Dody and Joey!
Me, Dody and Joey!

I been able to sleep in very comfortable beds five of the last seven days.  A friend of my Aunt and Uncle graciously invited me into her home for 4 nights, thank you Pat!  A boyhood friend called me after a Braves game and gave me a bed for the night, thank you Tom!  I also got to watch a Tampa Bay Rays game with a couple of friends from High School I haven’t seen in at least 25 years, I had a great time Dody and Joey, can’t wait to see you two at Wahsburn’s homecoming next summer.

I need to finish strong, I needed sleep and got it!  I have been thinking a lot about perseverance and commitment.  Those are a couple of words that have stuck out in my mind this week, a friend used to call me “uncommittal” regarding another aspect of my life and I gave it much thought lately.  Another friend (my queen, she will know who she is by this reference) responded to a Facebook post about something I posted regarding another friends daughters athletic prowess, I had given all the credit of her daughters athletic talent to her husband, my queen responded quickly and sternly by saying that my other friend taught her daughters perseverance.  For what ever reason that stuck with me, it was so true, my un-athletic friend was always determined and persevered.  I have more to say regarding these two things another time, but I have to say those two interactions have stuck with me and I was very grateful and happy I had them, they made me realize a couple things about my self.

Tom and Me!
Tom and Me!

I am not going to write to much to day, the driving from Atlanta to Chicago has me a little tired.  I have to say I have met some great people on this trip, I love the interaction and conversations I have had at the ball parks, but I forget to talk about the wonderful people I have met at Starbucks.  Yesterday, I had a great conversation with an amazing woman before the Braves game, we talked for two hours about many things from Donkeys to traveling in India, it is these interactions that I will miss most when this journey ends.  Everyone has a story to tell!  Thanks for reading today, I plan on finishing strong, only seven games left and I will accomplish another goal!

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