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Baseball Buddha Restart, I’m Back Baby!

Some might have noticed that I have been posting quite a bit on social media lately.  I have decided to restart Baseball Buddha, I have been working the last 8 years for a company, I have given it my all, I enjoy what I do but I realized I need to turn my brain off from work on occasion. 

I want to lay out my goals for this restart and what social media platforms I am going to utilize. A lot has changed in the last eight years, some things I have kept up with and some I haven’t, but one thing hasn’t changed and that is my passion for the fan experience of baseball.  I love the game, I love the teams I follow but I really enjoy exploring the different experiences around the game.  

I have a YouTube channel I now understand how to use, I have some things on the channel from 8 years ago which I have left on it, I still have my Instagram and Twitter accounts, I have created a podcast account on Spotify that also connects to other podcasting platforms.  I continue to have my website, I have improved the user experience.

I have goals I want to meet, the biggest thing is to have an outlet for my creativity, I love to write blog posts, I like constructing stories however I believe people have moved on from blogs so I want to learn how to create videos and recordings that people my age would enjoy.  Thus I am learning movie making and audio editing.  

Another goal is to keep what I learn in perspective, I am not looking to grow this as a business but only utilize it as a passion, as my brand and vision, I believe if people create their own thing and learn from their creative side the world becomes a better place.  I do want to grow my following, especially with the over 50 crowd since it is the fastest growing segment and a lot of social media is geared to the under 50 crowd.  

I will be doing simple things I find enjoyable, i.e. I started a podcast called Ballpark Confidential, all it is, is the sounds of the ballpark and game as I walk around, I find it relaxing to listen to, current podcast is of the game I attended at Dodger Stadium on Opening Weekend, this week on Friday it will be Wrigley Field and then Guaranteed Rate Field on May 13th, please find it on Spotify (Ballpark Confidential) and hit the follow button.  I have some other ideas for the podcast but I wanted to start simple.

Please check out Baseball Buddha on YouTube, my current projects are like the podcasts but with the video footage and some other things I have learned as I create the videos, please subscribe to the channel, my goal is to get to 1000 subscribers in the next year.  

I have always wanted to sell T-Shirts, I am able to design and sell my creations on my website, go to to check out the current designs, more will be added in the future so please check back, I also will be posting on Instagram and Twitter so please follow me on those sites.  

I am going through my blog posts form 2014’s Baseball In America Tour, I have highlighted some of the best posts, if you enjoy short stories and baseball you might like them, I also am collecting all the links to the Newspaper, Radio, and TV interviews I did in 2014, I was surprised they are still on the internet and also by how many I did, a lot of them I didn’t even see, so I will be posting those as I come across them.  

Again thanks for your support, I will try not to overwhelm you with a bunch of stuff, I enjoy talking about my baseball experiences, everyone likes to be known for something, mine is kinda of goofy, as I look back on 2014, I can definitely say now that it was a mid-life crisis, most people knew but I was adamant at the time it wasn’t… 

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