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How Does Baseball Buddha Make Money?

You have been seeing advertising on my blog posts, social media, and in the descriptions of videos, etc… I am doing all these things for a reason and that is to generate revenue, the links to different products on Amazon, Lids, SwingJuice, etc… are programs I signed up to do, I get a small commission if you click on the link and purchase a product.

Additional, I have been upgrading my website and social media platforms the last couple of month. I have learned to create simple movies that I am sharing on my YouTube channel (Subscribe Here), I also created a podcast called Ballpark Confidential (Follow Here), I have been creating T-Shirts that I am selling on the website (Click Here).

With a YouTube channel you need to get a minimumn of 1000 Subscribers who consistiently watch 4000 channel hours a month, that is why it is imperative to subscribe to the channel and watch some of the content, will I ever get to 1000 subscribers? I don’t know, I just like the challenge of it, keeps me motivated to produce better content, once I reach those goals, I will be able to montize. It normally takes 2-3 years before you get to that point, I produce content on nights and weekends, I find it new and exciting while I am learning.

I have my podcast on all the podcast platforms, I need to get people to follow and listen, normally you need 50-100 followers before you can montize, so please follow me on one of the platforms and I promise my product will get better the more I learn.

I have always wanted to create T-Shirts, I am doing that on my website shop, I can make a few dollars per shirt, I have a girlfriend who is a fashion stylist, she has been sharing her opinion of the styles, again the more I learn the better they will be.

I will defenitely post when I make my first few dollars, it does take time and money to create content, I am enjoying it. Please click on the links you see if the product is of interest to you, I don’t get paid for clicks, I only get paid if you buy something, check out the T-Shirts and if you have any ideas or suggestions please utilize the comment box or section.

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