Baseball Is Happiness Podcast

The Baseball Is Happiness Podcast is focused on vintage fiction baseball books published prior to 1968, it is a lost genre Baseball Buddha is bringing back for young and old baseball enthusiasts. Baseball Buddha will read the book as written and will comment on the era of baseball in which the book was published.

Included in the show notes will be explanations of terminology used in the era , the book will be available in PDF form including all notes for purchase. These books have been out of print and are in the public domain. Every book read in the Baseball Is Happiness Podcast will have a T-Shirt designed from art found on the dust jacket or in the book.

First book and season is in development and will be released shortly, please check back often! We are very excited about bringing this genre to the broader public.

The First Three Books of the Baseball Is Happiness Podcast will be from Robert Sidney Bowen.

The Winning Pitch

Published 1948

Player – Manager

Published 1949

Ball Hawk

Published 1950

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