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The Idea!

Baseball Buddha is a journey, a documentary of the spectator experience of baseball. It is about the fans, the food, the teams and most importantly, the excitement that exudes from everyone as they enter and exit the ball park. Beginning with the first game of spring training, I will be journeying across America, taking in baseball games every day and sharing my experience. Through my website I will document this social experience through blogs and videos.  I will be watching everything from major league games to little league. Ultimately my goal is to show the fan experience;  how baseball interacts with everyday life, from small towns to big stadiums. I will be creating a schedule each week that will be posted to allow my followers to see where I am headed and as I gather followers whose states, towns, and cities I am passing through, I am hoping they will tell me about the local games being played so that I may schedule a stop and witness their fan experience. I will document these travels, their stories, and my own experiences as I explore baseball across America. My journey will end with the final pitch of the MLB World Series.