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Newspaper Interview

The Gazette – Colorado Springs – Aug 8, 2014 – John Reimer Finds Joy at Fields Across the Nation

John Reimer poses with hometown friend Linnea (Mackey) Nielsen and her daughter, Jillian, at a game in Bellingham, Wash., during his baseball odyssey. Image from Reimer’s blog, “Baseball Buddha.”

For John Reimer, the search for happiness begins at the ballpark.

The Milwaukee man, who writes a well-regarded blog called “Baseball Buddha,” is on a spiritual trek to find happiness by watching a few hundred games this season.

That journey took him to Security Service Field on Friday where he and 5,968 fans saw the hosts split the doubleheader, falling 6-2 in the opener before winning the nightcap 10-9 on an Angelys Nina home run in the bottom of the 12th inning.

The Sky Sox rallied to force extra innings put off clinching another losing season for last-place Colorado Springs (47-72).

Reimer’s journey began on Feb. 14 in Florida, where he watched a doubleheader.

As a result of those twin bills, including the occasional tripleheader, the 48-year-old will average a game a day, about 250, until his journey ends this fall in Florida with high school and college baseball. He will get to all the MLB parks.

For Reimer, the game result is not important.

“It’s about meeting the super fans,” he said. “It’s about seeing how a ballpark is part of its community. MLB attendance may be down but baseball is thriving all over the country, especially in the small communities.”

The idea developed after talking to his dad, who had a triple bypass last year.

“Life is short,” he said. “(My dad) started contemplating his life and about what he wanted to be and what he felt he missed out on.”

Reimer realized traveling the country and seeing baseball was his desire.

He put his belongings in storage and started driving to Florida on Feb. 12. It’s been a wonderful experience most every day, he said.

The former IT head for a medical supply company had some money set aside and with help from his brother and ex-wife, started his journey. With media passes he gets a behind-the-scenes look that proves popular on his blog.

The posts prompted “a major media company” to approach him about writing columns. But that isn’t what “Baseball Buddha” is about.

“It’s about the search for peace and happiness,” he said. “As my slogan says, ‘Baseball is happiness.'”


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Newspaper Interview

The Herald-Times – Bloomington – Published 12:03 PM Aug 13, 2014 – Man Travels US, Attends Baseball Game Every Day Since February

A Wisconsin man known as the “Baseball Buddha” has traveled across the United States and attended a baseball game every day since Feb. 14.

John Reimer decided to begin his project after his father had a triple bypass surgery in August. Reimer said he was talking to his father in the hospital and his father asked him, “What would you do if you could do anything right now?” The question prompted Reimer to quit his job and pursue his dream of “seeing the United States.”

“It’s one of those things where in life, you talk and plan and think about doing certain things and a lot of times, nobody really acts,” he said. “I wanted to live life on my terms and not how society sort of dictates to you. I’ve always admired those people sort of on the fringe.”

During his travels, Reimer said he has slept in his car most of the time and blogs each day about his experiences. He said he has tried to attend at least one baseball game a day in all Lower 48 states. He’s gone from the the All-Star Games in Minneapolis to the College World Series in Omaha and he said he’s currently headed to North Carolina for the American Legion World Series.

He said he hopes to write a book about the baseball fan experiences in each different region.

“I like to write about what I see in the stands,” Reimer said. “It’s all about the fan experience. Baseball is exploding, even though maybe, MLB attendance is off. Baseball is being played everywhere, everyday, year-round. It is our national past time for a reason. What I’ve really taken away from this is the history of the game and how that is part of America’s history.”

Reimer said he grew up playing baseball in Ashland, Wisconsin and that he is really passionate about the game. However, he said he is not a “super fan.”

“I love the game of baseball and I love the atmosphere of baseball, but I’m not going to go to a game for 10 straight years and not miss a game. I just like the energy and I wanted to see our country and decide for myself what it was.”

Reimer said the best fan experience was at Mississippi State University because the people “were some of the most welcoming.”

While Reimer has no job or apartment to return home to, he said the experience of traveling across the country and experiencing the culture of baseball in different states has been amazing. He encouraged people to follow their passion.

“There’s a lot of unhappy, comfortable people in the world,” he said. “But if you want true happiness, you really have to put that fear behind you and take that step into the unknown and just embrace what life is throwing at you. And you will be okay if your faith is right. For me, everything just aligned.”

Reimer said his project will end with the last game of the World Series in November.

Faith Heaton Jolley, KSL

Faith Heaton Jolley is a UVU graduate and currently works at KSL as head writer for and runs the Outdoors & Recreation section. Contact her at


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TV Interview

WSOC – TV Charlotte -May 28, 2014 at 3:45 pm EDT- Baseball Buddha Stops in Charlotte for Knights Game


CHARLOTTE — John Reimer is the baseball Buddha, a man on a journey to catch a game every day of the season in a different town.

It sounds like a fan’s dream, but Reimer has discovered the task is harder than it sounds.

“Actually there’s a lot of work involved with it. People think it’s just I get up and go to baseball games every day, which I do, which is totally awesome,” Reimer said. “Every day I’m in a different town. I really have lived out of my car. I haven’t been home since February 10.”

He does not plan on returning home to Wisconsin until the end of the World Series. He stopped at BB&T Ballpark on Friday night for his 106th game this season.

Reimer’s father is the motivation behind his baseball journey.

Last August Reimer’s father had heart surgery. While sitting in the hospital together in recovery, his father asked him a question, “If you could do anything, what would you do?”

“I knew instantly I always wanted to see this country. I wanted to go to all baseball stadiums and I love to write. So I’d combine all three things,” Reimer said.

Reimer has not watched as much baseball as you would think, instead choosing to tour the stadiums and meet fans from across the country.

He has been documenting his journey on his website, click here to see it. The website shows where Reimer has been and where he plans on going. When it’s all said and done, Reimer will end up seeing around 300 games.

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Radio Interview

Voice of Alexandria – Jun 12, 2014 Updated Jun 15, 2014 – Baseball Buddha Comes to Town

Baseball Buddha on the Air with Michael Right
(June 10, 2014) The Baseball Buddha, John Reimer, spent a few moments talking with KX92 announcer and baseball PA announcer Michael Right.  John had just finished up day 115 on the road. watching games all over the country.

Alexandria, MN)  Monday night the Alexandria Blue Anchors played host to the St. Cloud Rox.  The rivalry and the weather were enough of a reason to want to visit Knute Nelson park that night, but there was an interesting element that was not part of the plan.  The game got out of hand early and fans began to look to one another more so than to the field for entertainment.  Blue Anchors Public Relations Manager G.G. Freitag escorted a man known as the Baseball Buddha onto the Hilltop Lumber Deck to meet the staff at KXRA Radio and the Voice of Alexandria.  Enter John Reimer.  John, or the Baseball Buddha, has made it a mission to travel the country taking in a wide variety of baseball experiences; everything from professional baseball to little league games.  To mark his visit John writes an online blog about the experience.  Follow the link below to see his blog about his Alexandria visit, day 115 on his baseball journey.

While in Alexandria the Baseball Buddha was invited into the studios of KX92 and KXRA for the Openline Program.  The attached audio clip is a podcast of that visit.