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The Ballpark Confidential Podcast was initially focused on the sounds of the game of baseball while you are at the stadium. The PA announcer in the background along with the TV or Radio broadcast that is playing, the fans talking and cheering, the beer vendors yelling, the crack of the bat and the snap of the ball in the glove, there is no commentary just mediative baseball sounds. I have now expanded the podcast, I will be interviewing guests. My focus will be people that have an association to the game, my first guest is Graig Kreindler, “The Painter of the National Pastime”.

"Accessibly Human" – Baseball’s Norman Rockwell Ballpark Confidential – A Baseball Buddha Media Production

Graig Kreindler’s goal is clear “to portray the national pastime in an era when players were accessibly human, and the atmosphere of a welcoming ballpark was just as important as what happened on the field.”  I read that line on the landing page of Graig’s website after a color picture of Christy Mathewson showed up on one of my social media feeds. Read the rest here:    Also please check out and purchase a t-shirt or get one from SwingJuice at…  and Lids at Excited to share that I have become a #GoliPartner I use Goli daily and love the convenience and taste of them, click on this link to get a discount! — Support this podcast:
  1. "Accessibly Human" – Baseball’s Norman Rockwell
  2. Sounds from a MLB Press Box
  3. Fathers Day at Dodger Stadium
  4. Yankee Stadium On A Cool Evening In May
  5. Kenosha Kingfish Press Box – Part 2
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