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Lesson Learned


Well, I have to say that I am learning a lot!  I have made the mistake of using some photos that are copyrighted, I thought they were not and assumed I could use them.  Thankfully, I have someone looking out for me and told me the error.  I have to change some things up and I will not be selling the T-Shirt I came out with last night, I still will have the T-Shirt that accompanies this post up on the site.  I will also will be revamping the site to make sure that I am not infringing on any copyrights.  This is a minor setback but I would rather deal with it now before I hit the road and I sold a bunch of shirts, to the people that purchased the T-Shirt, I will refund the money and you can decide if you want the current one.  So sorry and a little embarrassed.  I sincerely apologize to the company I used the photos from.

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Baseball Buddha T-Shirts


I finally got the ecommerce portion of my website working!  I am selling a long sleeve t-shirt currently.  I will be making a couple other t-shirts and a baseball hat.  The price for the shirt is between $27.95 – $29.95 plus $6.95 for shipping and handling.  If you would like to order one to support me that would be great!  It will take a few weeks to get since I will only be able to order these when I have at least 10 shirts to order to make it profitable enough to do this.

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Why are you doing this is something I have been asked a lot lately, my answer has been that “life is short”.  But there is more to it than that, I have a lot of fear in me and it has prevented me from doing a lot of things, I really believe that the best way to experience life is to step out of your comfort zone and your consistent, secure environment.  Your perspective changes, you get a better understanding of what people deal with and how others view the world and why.

You might think that is a deep concept for a person that is going to attempt to go watch a baseball game a day for 9 months, however I think  there is a lot of relevance to why I am doing this.  One friend said to me today, “You have courage my friend,” those kinds of statements I need to hear from time to time because it motivates me to continue, I have thought many times, “what in the hell are you doing!”  that tape has played countless times in my head.  Life is truly about the journey and if I am not willing to experience it, in all its many forms, I believe I will become stagnant and cynical about others, I think it was Casey Kasem that said, “Keep your feet on the ground but keep reaching for the stars!”  I think this is one of my attempts at reaching for the stars.

The one fear that I am getting over is failing, I have failed many times, I have done many dumb and boneheaded things and I have swore I wouldn’t do those things again, well I guess life would be pretty boring and uninteresting if you always played it safe.

Another reason why I am doing this is because I want to do something not many people would attempt to do, lots of people will daydream about it but very few will act on such goofy and fun thoughts, I just so happen to be in a position to be able to act and have just enough resources to make it for a few months, I am still raising money to do this, so buy one of my T-Shirts from me when I get my e-commerce portion of the website up.

I will talk more about the why in other posts!  Please follow me on my social media sites and check in regularly to my website, which is a work in progress!

John “Baseball Buddha” Reimer

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The Idea!

Baseball Buddha is a journey, a documentary of the spectator experience of baseball. It is about the fans, the food, the teams and most importantly, the excitement that exudes from everyone as they enter and exit the ball park. Beginning with the first game of spring training, I will be journeying across America, taking in baseball games every day and sharing my experience. Through my website I will document this social experience through blogs and videos.  I will be watching everything from major league games to little league. Ultimately my goal is to show the fan experience;  how baseball interacts with everyday life, from small towns to big stadiums. I will be creating a schedule each week that will be posted to allow my followers to see where I am headed and as I gather followers whose states, towns, and cities I am passing through, I am hoping they will tell me about the local games being played so that I may schedule a stop and witness their fan experience. I will document these travels, their stories, and my own experiences as I explore baseball across America. My journey will end with the final pitch of the MLB World Series.