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Day 150 “All Star Game”

Chad and Me!
Chad and Me!

I went to the All Star Game with my brother, Chad. He drove up on the “spur of the moment” to attend the game with me when a friend from high school scored two tickets.  I was very appreciative of the fact that she remembered I was in need of them. A friend of hers told her that he had two. She and her husband had to have been inconvenienced to track them down and get them to me.  I stopped by her place of business to pick them up, she also gave me two pairs of pants! I love the brand that she represents and I just so happen to be the sample size, so I got lucky again!  Thank you Autumn and Robin!

asgticketsAnother friend of mine, that lives in Minneapolis, has taken an interest in my journey and has checked in with me from time to time, while also donating to the trip.  He has sent me information and has cautioned me on a few things that I needed to look out for regarding some legal issues I might run into with my website.  While in Minneapolis, he let my brother and me park our vehicles in his guest area. He dropped us off and picked us up after the game; also, let me stay in his guest room for the night. It felt more like a five star hotel.  Thank you Jason!

We got to the game a couple of hours before it started and we walked the entire stadium. There were people representing every team. I tired to keep a mental note of the team jerseys I didn’t see.  The only team I don’t recall seeing was the Tampa Bay Rays, but I am sure they had at least one fan in the 41,000 plus crowd.  ESPN, FOX and the MLB networks were there, with the MLB Network having the prime location on the field. I enjoyed wandering around the stadium and was amazed at the amount of money people were paying for souvenirs. I paid $35 for a game ball and $42 for a shirt. Chad paid $35 for some MLB Legos for his son, $15 for an “Official” All Star Game Program, $25 for a hat, and $30 for two All Star game lanyards so we could keep our tickets in. He purchased the lanyards outside the stadium. Once we entered, we were given one. Chad laughed and looked at the bright side when he notice that we had All Star Game pins on the ones he purchased.  I attached my pin to my “man bag” so people will now know I attended!  Concessions were a bit pricey but I did talk Chad into buying the $14 All Star Game bucket of popcorn (you can get one “free” refill on the popcorn. Don’t know how they think that is free). I am sure he will get years of use out of that bucket.

asgflagWe got to our seats and met the people sitting next to us. We were at the end of the row and thought we were going to get interrupted most of the game by people running to the bathroom or getting beer. But, happy to say we weren’t since our seats faced the stairs and had a railing in the front of us.  People just inconvenienced the guy in the row in front by squeezing around the railing, so they wouldn’t have to walk to the end of the row. Well, there was one lady that insisted on walking the entire way but she was the exception.  She also didn’t have the sense to exit the row at the other end where she would only have to make four people get up instead of nine. We sat next to some folks from Iowa who were having a grand ole time and were a lot of fun. Their friends won their tickets in a contest.  I talked about my trip with them and they were going to check out my website. I was a little embarrassed when I didn’t know all the ball players.  I explained that my blog is more about the fan experience and what I see out on the road.

Standing ovation for Derek Jeter!  Class Act!
Standing ovation for Derek Jeter! Class Act!

That is the funny thing, I can give you starting line-ups from the late 70’s and early 80’s; but, if you were to ask me who Troy Tulowitzki was, I would have had no idea that he was the All Star shortstop for the Colorado Rockies. I honestly don’t pay much attention to other players unless they are on the Brewers or Dodgers teams. Or, if they have played for the Brewers or Dodgers. I know some of the big names but that is it (my favorite players are Derek Jeter and Yadier Molina. The two teams I hate the most happen to be the Yankees and the Cardinals, go figure).  I love the game of baseball, I love teams, but I don’t know what Mike Trout’s on base percentage is. I know how I would use him in different situations if I were to look at his stats, etc. I do have some favorites that I pay attention to, usually older guys, I loved seeing Derek Jeter. I was very happy to see him play and do well in the game, but I was extremely disappointed that Tony Gwynn wasn’t honored.  He might have been but I didn’t see it. Besides, I don’t watch much TV and I haven’t had cable in seven years.

I think the sign read "Love Water, Not Oil"
I think the sign read “Love Water, Not Oil”

The game moved along quickly and I enjoyed spending time with my brother. I was excited to see some civil disobedience, also, when some protesters some how displayed a homemade sign over part of the scoreboard in right field that said “Love Water, Not Oil”.  Their sign was there for an inning before the authorities could figure out how to get it down. I guess that is what makes America so great in that you can express your beliefs and see a baseball game all at the same time!  The American League won and their team will have the home field advantage in the World Series. I am glad the game means something and I hope it continues. The media is trying to shape the baseball conscience to get that to change, I hope they aren’t successful.

Chad said that he was disappointed that there were no fireworks of any kind when the game ended. He thought that the overall experience was good, but the amount of money that is charged for everything, more could be done for the people that were just attending the game.  I would have to agree with him. However, I got to see a couple of people in my Oredocker family. I am constantly amazed at how giving everyone has been, I have been very lucky.  Jason and Autumn thank you again!