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Day 49 “Sunset Strip”

Lancaster mascot KaBoom!
Lancaster mascot KaBoom!

I went to the Opening Night of Minor League baseball last night, it was in Lancaster, California, about 70 miles north east of Los Angeles.  The Lancaster JetHawks took on the Lake Elsinore Storm, it was cool and breezy, I thought the dessert was going to be a little warmer, I was wrong.  I had a seat right behind home plate, this was the California League and the teams were the Advanced A affiliates of their respective teams, JetHawks were with the Houston Astros and the Storm with the San Diego Padres.  The game wasn’t very close, the JetHawks won 8-2, I walked around the stadium to check it out a little bit, I wasn’t impressed, I didn’t like the sight lines, when you looked out from home plate, all you saw was an on ramp for highway 14 heading south towards LA.  I went down by the Lake Elsinore bullpen, not many people were down there, I figured I would have a better chance at getting a game ball, I always want a game ball!  I figured I would collect game balls of the different leagues I went too, the balls are marked with California League right on them, it would have been a nice addition to my collection of the 3 game balls I got at a Northwoods League game last year…  Yeah, I didn’t get one, the players kept throwing them to the few young kids that were around, I wasn’t liking those kids!  Check out the review of the stadium on Stadium Journey and what I had to say about it and how I rated it here:

As I was sitting watching the game by the bullpen, I tried to keep warm, I am smart enough to keep a fleece blanket with me in my “man purse” as an usher called it at the LSU vs Georgia I went to a few weeks back, that helped a little bit, the wind is what made it cold, the temperature was 60…  I heard a pitcher ask the bullpen catcher if it is always so cold, the catcher laughed and said no, but get used to the wind he said with a chuckle, then he got closer to the pitcher and said quietly, get used to that score also…  I laughed to myself, the kid didn’t have much confidence in his team.

Well I am not going to write to much tonight!  I am sitting on the Sunset Strip in LA right now and it is after 8 west coast time, I went to the Dodgers home opener today, the traffic was terrible getting in and out of the game!  I ran out of time to write so I need to get this posted. My brother called today and we are planning on having a get together in the middle of June at a Brewers game, we are hoping to get a bunch of people there that have supported me and Baseball Buddha, so keep those days open, more details to come on the date!

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