Day 195 “Contemplating…”

My eye lids feel heavy, my mind is not structuring my thoughts consistently.  My body is telling me to sleep, “for a week” it shouts, I am not listening.  I focus on tonight’s game, keep the streak going, the clouds are gray, better not rain and the thought repeats.  I want to go for a massage but… Continue reading Day 195 “Contemplating…”

Day 194 “Can we switch chairs?”

“Can we switch chairs?”, I looked at the guy asking the question. He looked at me kinda of annoyed (at least, that is how I saw it). I looked at him up and down and processed what he was saying, I said “Excuse me.” He repeated himself, “the chair, can we switch”, he stood looking… Continue reading Day 194 “Can we switch chairs?”

Day 190 “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”

I am sitting in the Press Box at Dodd Stadium in Norwich, Connecticut.  Attending the Connecticut Tigers game they are taking on the Lowell Spinners.  I drove over from Williamsport, Pennsylvania today about a 6 hour drive.  I had a great weekend attending the Little League World Series, I recommend that all true baseball enthusiasts get to Williamsport at least once. … Continue reading Day 190 “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”

Days 186, 187, 188, 189 “Lost Days and Pictures…”

I think I lost a few days on this trip, seriously!  I blogged about day 185 yesterday, however today is Day 190 of this trip and I should be talking about today, tomorrow when it is Day 191, do you follow.  Anyway, I had a great day today, I only had to drive an hour to Williamsport… Continue reading Days 186, 187, 188, 189 “Lost Days and Pictures…”

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