Day 183 “Things that interest me…”

I am sitting in the Press Box at “The Diamond” in Richmond, Virginia.  I am watching the Richmond Flying Squirrels play the New Britain Rock Cats.  This is a Minor League Double-A game of the Eastern League.  Richmond is affiliated with the San Francisco Giants, New Britain is affiliated with the Minnesota Twins. There are… Continue reading Day 183 “Things that interest me…”

Day 182 “Saving Tradition!”

I have gained a very unique perspective during this trip, I have witnessed first hand what is happening at the ballpark all over the country.  What is working and what isn’t working.  I am understanding the business side of running a baseball stadium, why the majority of the minor leagues teams have a “baseball entertainment… Continue reading Day 182 “Saving Tradition!”

Day 179 “Bright Lights and Big Cities!”

When I saw Donnie he was sitting at the end of the bench with a Brewers jacket on his hands were in his pockets, he was the pitcher that was closest to home plate.  The bullpen was along the left field wall in foul territory. There was a grassy area right behind the players where… Continue reading Day 179 “Bright Lights and Big Cities!”

Day 178 “Dancing Bobby”

Sometimes you just walk into something that is very cool. I am sitting in the Press Box at the Burlington Bees game and I’m working on my story about Donnie Hissa, rookie pitcher from Northern Wisconsin. The game starts between the Bees and the Peoria Chiefs.  I notice a guy behind the first base dugout.… Continue reading Day 178 “Dancing Bobby”

Days 174 & 175 “Not feeling so good!”

I had to drive from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Lincoln, Nebraska yesterday which was about an eight hour drive.  I left Colorado Springs right after the Sky Sox vs the Storm Chasers game which ended at midnight, Mountain Time.  I mention the time zone since it was 1 a.m. Central Standard Time (CST) in Lincoln, thus… Continue reading Days 174 & 175 “Not feeling so good!”

Day 172 & 173 “What a Gem!”

Last Saturday I drove to Klamath Falls, Oregon from Oakland, California.  It was beautiful driving through the mountainous regions; however, I ran into what I thought was  a “controlled” burn area near Klamath.  I don’t watch too much of the news and didn’t realize that the state of Oregon was in a state of emergency.  There… Continue reading Day 172 & 173 “What a Gem!”

Day 168 & 169 “I have no game!”

I woke up quite late today!  Actually it feels really good, I could probably sleep for a week straight.  It feels like I have been driving all day for the last week.  I was in Boise, Idaho, yesterday and Klamath Falls, Oregon, the day before, I watched two great games!  Yesterday, I am happy to… Continue reading Day 168 & 169 “I have no game!”

Day 166 & 167 “Nothing to read here!”

Currently, I’m sitting in a billiards hall in Klamath Falls, Oregon. I drove up from Oakland last night and today.  I have an interview at 4 p.m. with the local newspaper.  After the game, I will hit the highway for yet another eight hour drive. I am not looking forward to it, but I am used… Continue reading Day 166 & 167 “Nothing to read here!”