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In One Week…

I will be leaving a week from today, I have the majority of my home packed up and in storage, still have a few large items that I need to find a storage spot for the 265 days that I will be on the road.  I am still tweaking the website everyday and it will evolve over the course of this project.  I have got everything worked out with Topline Promotions to make all the T-Shirts and Baseball Hats, please order one and when you receive it please take a picture and post to the Baseball Buddha Facebook page!  Click here to order .

Packed Up!

I am still working on my itinerary but it is coming along nicely and I will post that on a weekly basis when I figure out a more defined system, my friend Roger Wilson has compiled a list of over 16,000 baseball games that are scheduled for the upcoming season.  He has organized them in an Excel spreadsheet and all I have to do is sort by day and location to see what games are being played in that area, the games he has included are MLB, MiLB, College, College Summer Leagues and some various independent leagues.  What a wonderful thing to have and it is very much appreciated.  I have had an outpouring of support from so many people and the constant encouragement and kind words has given me a lot of motivation.

My co-workers got together with me last Friday night and gave me a going away party, what a wonderful group of people, you all will be missed and I thank you all for the last 5 years.  Just wanted to give a quick update!  Keep checking the Social Media sites and go through the website, I have added to my biography and I will continue to add as the summer progresses, I explained further on the “How to Help” page on what I will be blogging about so please check those things out.