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Day 36 “Travel Day”

Chuck & Brian Jerolman's Family!  Mom is in orange on the left.
Chuck & Brian Jerolman’s Family! Mom is in orange on the left.

Well the first day away from South Florida went well!  I drove to Jacksonville which took about 5 and half hours.  I went to Jacksonville University to watch the Dolphins take on the Mercer Bears, the game was at 6:30pm, I made it in plenty of time.  I sat next to a family that was there watching a relative coach for Jacksonville, Chuck Jerolman, a former draftee of the Boston Red Sox. Click here to see Chuck’s stats  Chuck’s brother Brian is currently playing Triple A baseball for the Washington Nationals,  Chuck and Brian’s mother was there with other family members, I would love to have profiled them since they were very outgoing and personable, I told them what I was doing and we had a great conversation about baseball, I enjoyed watching the game with them.

Mercer vs Jacksonville!  Mercer won 4-2!
Mercer vs Jacksonville! Mercer won 4-2!
Bob & Me!
Bob & Me!

I was tired and had planned to do my blog today about baseball bats.  However, I drove 5 hours after the game to get to Pensacola, Florida, game ended at 9:30 so was extremely tired.  Met a friend for coffee (Bob Hanson, hadn’t seen him since High School) and then drove another 4 hours.  I am learning that I can’t do all the things I want too…  I am working my way over to Arizona, so I am thinking that some of these posts are just going to be pictures with a few notes.  I am going to see LSU play Georgia today in Baton Rouge and I will take a bunch of pictures and post tomorrow, it looks like LSU is pretty crazy about baseball just like they are for football.  I will be getting up early tomorrow and driving to College Station, Texas (about a 6 hour drive, so I won’t have time to write to much).  Anyway, this is all I am going to post, need to get to the LSU game!

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  1. Pace yourself and drive carefully John. The Badgers are in the Sweet 16 and Wisconsin Whitewater where I went for four of my six college years won another national championship on a driving layup in the last second to go along with the football team that just won another championship last fall. Between basketball and football they have 9 titles now. Go Warhawks!

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