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Day 91 “Bedlam?”

Does "Bedlam" mean boring?
Does “Bedlam” mean boring?

I am sitting in Manhattan, Kansas at a Starbucks, of course, near the campus of Kansas State and it’s raining outside. I am going to a game between Texas and K-State at 6:30, I hope the rain stops soon!  I want to write about the “Bedlam Series” between Oklahoma State and Oklahoma University that I attended last night in Oklahoma City. However, the crowd didn’t seem really into it. Oklahoma State won the game 4-2 but it really wasn’t that close.  “Bedlam” means a state of extreme confusion and disorder which the OSU-OU game is supposedly characterized by these things. Currently, Oklahoma State is ranked seventh in the nation, and Oklahoma U is not having a very good year.  I was hoping to see a crazy crowd with fans getting into it. I got to the ballpark early in the day because I heard that it might sell out. I even purchased a more expensive ticket than I normally do, I wanted to be in the middle of the “bedlam”.  I didn’t see that at all and I was upset I spent money on this “snooze fest”.  I was extremely disappointed, the game was in downtown Oklahoma City at the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, there was no atmosphere outside either, no tailgating, nothing!  The series heads to Tulsa and ONEOK Stadium today and tomorrow.

I have come to expect a lot from college baseball and its fans, I had high expectations and I was let down.  So here I sit trying to write a post today about a boring game and a rivalry that I thought was going to be a lot more interesting.  I guess some of it can be blamed  on it being played on a neutral off campus site and the students didn’t have easy access to the game; also, the school year is just getting done.  However, the more I have looked into this “Bedlam” Series the more disinterested I have become since corporate sponsors have formalized the concept and created a points system.  I guess I was hoping that the students came up with the idea behind this whole thing but it is more just a marketing tool… Click here, “Bedlam Series“, if you want to know more.

Well, here I sit … “Momma told me there would be days like these…”

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