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Day 117 “Busy”

Terry Stake's first selfie!
Terry Stake’s first selfie!

The next few days are going to be busy ones for me as I am back in the Milwaukee area.  I will be going to Brewer games tonight and tomorrow.  I was just up in Wisconsin Rapids to watch the Rafters play Kalamazoo. The son of a friend of mine plays for the Rapids and another is interning for them.  I was impressed with both of them!

This post will be rather short since I have a lot to get done today. My family and some friends are getting together for a Brewer outing tomorrow. Even though, I want to say that I met a guy in Wisconsin Rapids who was a local sportscaster for over 40 years in that area. He had a book signing at the game.  I am currently reading the book and I am excited to do a profile on him.  His name is Terry Stake, look for that in a couple of days!

I had breakfast with my beautiful daughter, Sami, this morning. She always makes me smile with her outgoing and gregarious personality!  She found a great job for the summer, along with working at Lockers Flower Shop, she will be working for Wild Flour Bakery selling their products at Farmers Markets. Please look for her and get some great bakery goods.

I forgot to mention that I was in Green Lake, Wisconsin at an American Legion baseball game. I spotted a really talented ball player that I want to keep my eye on, he is from the Fond du Lac area. I will put him on my “Watch” list!

That is all for today!

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  1. Beautiful work always John. I always try to say something as much as I can whether it’s interesting or not lol

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